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Wednesday, May 3, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Ashland, Oregon on 2016-05-01 02:00:00 - Blue orb floating, followed us for short period, short unexplainable "blackout"

We were traveling southbound on i-5 from medford, or. it was around 2am. i was the passenger and my girlfriend was the driver. we took an exit soon after hitting the mountains towards the border (we think it was exit 6) to take a break. we remember it was clear and still upon pulling off the freeway and shutting down the car. we cracked both windows. w remember a large wind gush for a short period from east to west, which then stopped completely. thinking back on it, it was very unusual to weather conditions at the time. possibly ufo arriving. looking straight ahead above the tree line in front of us at the stars, we notice a blue pulsing orb slightly larger than most stars, just above the treeline. at first we thought it was a planet. we both simultaneously got a gut feeling of extreme discomfort. we realized it was not a planet, but was positioning itself in a way to appear as one. it had a distinctive hypnotizing effect with its blue light/glow (darker blue to lighter/almost white then back, varying shades and intensities and patterns, very hard not to look at). felt as if it was fairly close, perhaps ~100m. it is hard to be sure, as it felt camouflaged or cloaked to some extent. as soon as we noticed it and became vocal to one another about it, it may have slightly moved before it vanished for perhaps 1 minute and then reappeared in almost the exact same spot. it disappeared again a moment later, and we made the decision to leave quickly. we got back onto the freeway, continuing southbound on i-5. as we left we looked back and could not locate the ufo. there were a couple vehicles as we re-entered the freeway, but they ended up out of our vision shorty after. we continued to drive, thinking it was gone. there where no vehicles on the interstate in either direction during the encounters both when we where sitting still and driving. then 2-3 minutes later, my girlfriend saw it reappear above and in front of and to the right of the car. it seemed to be matching our speed and course precisely. it felt larger than it looked, and it had a significant effect on us psychologically. it did not feel "right". as my girlfriend was pointing out the object, several odd events occurred. my girlfriend describes getting a sort of tunnel vision, in which she became so fixated on the object as she drove, that she felt as if the rest of her vision was filling in with (black)static, around the object (leaving only the object in her center vision). because of the reaction of my girlfriend, instead of looking at the object, i looked at her in the drivers seat. at that moment it was as if all the lights went out momentarily and everything was pitch black. as i was looking at her, it felt as if everything "turned off", and in that sense i mean my own cognitive processes (sight, sound, feeling etc.) as well as electronic and mechanical. my girlfriend experienced this is the sense that everything disappeared momentarily from her mind except for the object and she felt as if she was being hypnotized. for me it felt like i was numbed completely for a moment and lost all sense of input and it felt as if i was alone in the car, quiet and still but observed. my girlfriend also felt this feeling of being alone in the car suddenly, an uncomfortable void of one sided observation. neither of us feel we were abducted, it felt more like we were scanned in some way and it was so powerful (or intentionally designed) it overloaded our mind and all of the electronics and car momentarily. my girlfriend remembers simply not being able to look away, and being worried about crashing the car due to her inability to focus on the road/fading concentration. something like an insect attracted to light. after this moment it disappeared as we both began to exchange animated words. at this point we attempted to find another vehicle. we found a truck and followed it. it never reappeared. we tagged along with other vehicles for the rest of the i-5 mountain range because it seemed to want to isolate us from its behavoir. our observations and intuition make us believe it was likely no larger than 3m although it did seem to mask itself and undesired of being observed. it felt cold, calculated, robotic, methodical, curious.

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Credit: MUFON

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