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Thursday, May 25, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Warrenton, Missouri on 1999-05-31 13:30:00 - Was about the size of huge city block with very tall buildings protruding from the top and sides

my father and i saw something strange high in the mid day sky but only caught a glimpse. it was strange enough that we turned around less the a quarter mile away from the sighting. by the time we got back, only 1 minute, there was already another person stopped in the road staring at the object. another man came out of his house and joined us and although we gazed at the object for 15 minutes or so none of spoke a single word. i never even spoke to my father until we arrived home. the object was by far the biggest machine i had ever seen! it was easily the size of a new york city block with very tall buildings covering the top and visible side. the object was the shape of a very fat football. it was high in the sky near some clouds but above and behind them a bit. it seemed as though the object was trying to take on the colors of its surroundings. like it was trying to cloak itself but the cloaking device was malfunctioning. the man whos house we were in front of had dogs that were going crazy, barking as though they were very upset. the only movement from the craft was a change in angle and was completely silent. it went from horizontal to a 45 degree angle. one of the strangest things was a feeling of complete awe a bit of fear and the fact that none of us spoke at all!

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Credit: MUFON

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