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Sunday, May 21, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Lee's Summit, Missouri on 2017-05-07 14:28:00 - Solar craft

Solar craft on sunday may 7, 2017 at 2:28 p.M. i was shooting a series of images of the sun with a new solar filter that i had purchased for the august eclipse. i was taking images about every 15 seconds as i was trying varying shutter speeds. when i began processing the images, i noticed that there were some dot-like objects which were surrounding the disc of the sun. there initially were a white, a blue, and a red colored object all in different locations. at first i wondered if they were stars. but between the two frames in which i first noticed them, they were moving in various ways by the second frame. image # 75 was taken at 1/125th second at f9, and iso 200 at 2:28:29 pm. the next frame, image # 76 was taken at 1/60th second at same f9 and iso 200. in the first image, one will notice just beyond 6 o'clock outside the rim of the sun, a blue dot. there is also a red dot further out near the bottom of the page in the left corner. the blue dot is at 6 degrees to the left of center of the sun, and the red dot is at 31 degrees. by the next frame, the blue dot had moved from 6 to 25 degrees and the red dot from 31 to 38 degrees. my first thought was that they could be stars. if they had been stars--they would have remained basically in the same location from my perspective in 15 seconds. they appear to be some kind of craft as they have independent motion. for image #75, if one looks near 4 o'clock, a faint white dot can be seen, and on the second image, near 11 o'clock another faint dot. there are actually 2 there when the image is blown up. when comparing the images, if they were stars, the distance between the red and the blue "craft" should stay the same from #75 and #76. despite the different crop size of the images, when i account for the difference and mathematically account for the difference between the two blue and red dots, they change. in the first image, that sun is 1.345 times larger than the sun in the second image. so, the distances will also be 1.345 times different. mathematically accounting for this or "standardizing" it allows us to compare what is going on between the "craft" in both images. 1. the distance between the two dots on a printout of the two pages...For image # 76 is 80 mm between the 2 dots. 2. the calculated distance of the two dots on the first image, if they were stars, would be the same. they are not...The calculated distance between the two dots in image # 75 is 76.6 mm. so, there was a change not only of angular distance, but also 3.4 mm between them. they were getting further from each other by 4.25%. the 2nd image red dot is going away from the rim of the sun. the change is 4.7% with the first red dot. the 2nd image blue dot is going toward the rim of the sun. the change is 11.5% with the first blue dot. the distance between the two craft in the second image got larger by 4.25 %. together with the angular change, these clearly cannot be stars. all together i took 10 images starting at # 70, and ending with # 79. upon a cursory first check, images 73 to 79 all have varying numbers of these “dot” craft. as mentioned earlier, they were all taken roughly 15 seconds apart as i adjusted the shutter speed from image to image. i next wondered if the solar heliospheric observatory (soho) images for the same day would show anything similar. since soho is in space, it does not have intervening atmosphere, and had a clearer view of that white object, i decided to work on seeing if i could clean it up a bit. i have attached a soho image (the 4th of 4) taken 6 hours earlier than mine almost to the minute. one can see something in the upper right quadrant that is not in the other three soho images taken at 13:00, 13:06, 13:13 ut time. so within 19 minutes of the first image taken today, there does show something that was not there in the other three images. after processing the image, i was able to detect a spherical silver colored shape with a red light above it, and a red light below it. next i wondered if any of the four photos taken the previous day on may 8th might show an object. of the four images taken by soho, the third one taken at 13:13 ut shows an object near 6 o’clock. upon processing, that image appears to be spherical and silver colored, but without the lights.

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Credit: MUFON

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