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Thursday, May 11, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Baldwin, Maine on 2010-05-04 03:30:00 - Observed saucer craft dropping red "fireballs" through night vision scope

I was out on my porch at 03:30 am testing out my new night vision scope.As i looked north i was startled to see a triple tier saucer type craft at 3-4,00 feet.It was only visible in the night vision scope and the naked eye could see nothing without the night vision scope. the craft was a large glowing white saucer with three tiers on top!In addition the craft had an antenna looking rod on top of the highest tier and just behind that there was a glowing red "fireball". the craft itself was inside a "teardrop" shaped distortion field of some kind.The craft was clearly visible inside the "field" but the "field" distorted the stars behind the craft as it moved from east to west.It was moving very slow around 30-40 mph.Even more alarming was the fact that the craft was dropping little "fireballs" every 5 seconds below it. the "fireballs" all fell all the way to the ground and looked like the much larger fireball flying directly behind the craft.It reminded me of how asw ships or helicopters drop sonar buoys to track submarines.The whole craft was internally lit and very bright in the night vision scope with many different color lights with constantly changing colors around the rim of the craft. the craft continued to the west and disappeared over green mountain,dropping little red "fireballs" the whole time!There was no noise at all from the craft. there was no doubt this was a "built" craft and not some natural phenomena.This craft was following the same directional route as the "crafts" i had seen the year before in may of 2009!

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Credit: MUFON

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