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Tuesday, May 16, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Las Vegas, Nevada on 2017-05-15 14:16:00 - Photographing nellis afb landings, 22 planes aprox in all, about plane 19 than i saw this ufo, break in recovery did not spot ufo

On may 15, 2017, at 216pm pst (partly cloudy)on las vegas blvd, in north las vegas. i have sony a350 dslr,1/2000, iso 400, f8 shooting specs. i was shooting the nellis afb airplanes coming in for a landing. i was looking north as some airplanes come straight down the vegas blvd to do 2 180 degree turns and land at nellis, there was about 22 planes in this group. at about plane 18, i kept looking north down the blvd and spotted a light coming behind and out of the clouds. there were a few cloud banks in the area and i began to shoot, even if i couldn't see it, i still kept shooting, i managed to get 10 shots off in 10 or 15 seconds. i recorded a image on 9 out 10. the ufo is to far away,about 2 miles to say what it was. it was like a bright light, but when i blew it up, it looked like a smokey goldfish cracker. i blew it up to about 200 percent and it looked like a cloud of circular smoke. i probably don't have the best equipment to say what it was. and with so few pixels, well we don't have enough solid evidence other than it descending path, which can be calculated by time to say, yes this was a ufo. but the object started up at 1000 ft and pulled a 45 degree descent. and than just and disappeared. as the last frame shows it covered some distance really quickly that's why i was determined to just shoot blindly. my feelings,, about the object, well i never believed that i have a chance to see a ufo. i knew it wasn't a airplane. the object just vanished after loosing cloud cover. it was over in 10 seconds or so. i looked at my time and it never clicked over 216pm while taking these photos. perhaps mufon will have enough equipment to go beyond 216 and get in tenths of a second. than we would know the true time from the first picture to the last. enjoy we are indeed not alone.

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Credit: MUFON

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