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Wednesday, May 31, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Graham, Texas on 1982-04-30 20:30:00 - Black cigar,round propulsion opening on bottom lit up with blue ,red light spinning inside,3 small geometric windows top front

Let me start by saying i have only told a few people over the years this story,and was ridiculed so much i am reluctantly telling it now.But the world needs to know.In mid to late may in 1982, my boyfriend (at the time), and i were parking,(making out)in the woods of a restricted area by the power plant in graham texas.He needed to go to the restroom so we exited the vehicle.As i stood by his grandmas old car he went down a small embankment towards the woods.As he went over the barbed wire fence to the trees i looked up and saw an orange light,and white light on an object that appeared to be a helicopter even though there was no noise, it was about a mile or two away coming towards me head on.Being in a restricted area i called out to him several times but my voice would not carry even though i was yelling.By the time i looked back up from yelling(maybe 10 seconds after i saw it) it was right above the trees maybe 50 ft. from me at an angle.It was not a helicopter.I was struck with mortal fear as i saw a black cigar shaped object,no propellers,or wings or any thing man made, just a few odd shaped small windows in front.It had a really low hum,with a round circle on the bottom with a blue light inside.A red thing was swirling around in the blue circle.As i heard a hydraulic sounding door open, a beam of white light came out bright as the sun,and the next thing i knew the trees where my boyfriend had gone was lit up and tree limbs,leaves,and then the image of a human was being drawn up into the craft.I freaked out and ran one step to the back door of the old car and then the beam of light hit the car where i had just jumped into the back seat.Even though i shut my eyes as tight as i could i could still see the light through my eyelids and i felt it drawing me out through the car, so i slid in to the floor board and grabbed the springs under the seat to stay anchored all while praying to god they would not take me.After what seemed like eternity,the light shut off and i was too scared to raise up but then i remembered the doors were not locked.So i jumped up to try to see out the windows and lock the doors but the windows were so wet i couldn't see out of them.I cracked a window to yell for my boyfriend.He never answered,scared i began to cry,i couldn't get out and walk to town (about 5 miles),and i was afraid they were waiting for me to exit the car.I would've have flagged a car but none was around.No cell phones back then so i just sat and cried.After exactly 2 hours i saw a bright flash behind the car and seconds later my boyfriend ran up to the car,vomiting,he was ice cold,pale,and seemed to be in some kind of confused,and sickly state.He could not answer any of my questions,he could not talk,or hug,or comfort me in any way.The next day when we spoke he couldn't remember anything past going to the restroom in the woods.However he thought he dreamed of being sexually probed by unknown entities.I started having migraines,rashes,and hair loss afterwards.The dr's said it was probably just hormones,or something because i didn't tell them what i saw.About 2 weeks after this 2 men in suits came to my house,and questioned my mom,and sister about me,and my whereabouts,and my mom,and sister were very scared of these men,and acted as though i did something very bad..They didn't leave a card,or ever come back.I was 14 then.Emotionally i had a very hard time for many years.I am now 49 and suffer from various auto immune issues that i believe are related.I don't care if anyone calls me crazy now,i know what i saw.

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Credit: MUFON

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