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Monday, May 15, 2017

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UFO Sighting in London, England on 2017-05-10 18:35:00 - 3 slow moving white orbs plus 3 fast moving objects daylight sighting

I downloaded the et contact network app and registered on it. i was at home. i then looked at the world map to see all locations. i zoomed in on my location to see how many apps were registered near by. i then picked up my camcorder and went outside to see if i could see any activity. i had been discussing the ufo subject with colleagues earlier in the day and was very surprised at their lack of knowledge on the subject, even about roswell. i filmed a plane flying over head and immediately noticed a silver orb glistening in the sun. i attempted to zoom in on it but this was difficult to see due to the sun shinning. i then noticed another 2 orbs which were behind it,they were flying in a triangle formation. you can see the second orb from 0210.The 3rd however is not seen. at 0300 another orb enters the frame from the top right hand side very fast and turns slightly left and disappears bottom of the frame. at the same time twin orbs appear mid screen and appear to zig zag away to the left.This is all very fast and last 4 seconds to 0304. you will have to use slow motion to see it properly i did not see this until analysing the footage. i continued to follow the 3 orbs. who were directly above my house. at 05:37 i zoom in and manage to capture 2 orbs in the frame. the orbs seem to be glistening from white to pink.The orbs were difficult to find on the cameras flip screen in the bright sunshine. at 0802 an aircraft comes into shot.The captain may have been able to see these objects. as they were still there. i live in london and i am on the flight path to london heathrow. a possible ce5 sighting due to the fact i had been thinking about the subject all day. i stoped filming due to the fact that my young daughter needed to go to the toilet.

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Credit: MUFON

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