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Friday, May 12, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Oakland, California on 1981-10-30 20:30:00 - I was in first grade saw it outside my bedroom window it's approx 1981 it was there and large saucer like as if i was looking up at city lights i was afraid hid under my covers then i looked back it was gone

I was in first grade so i failed the first so taking it second time so i was approx 7 it's was early 80s i believe 1981 i went to bed so it's 8 or 8:30 i don't remember the day but my dad n step mom were still awake i believe and we lived in alameda ca i can't remember the street near lincoln park there and well i looked out my bedroom window it's dark outside and i see this huge object saucer shape but enormous above very large trees as if i was looking up at city lights it was still i could see the circle shape as i'm looking up from my window it had some lights flash blink i became afraid like what if it gets me i hid i under my covers so afraid i couldn't speak or move for a minute then i decided to be brace and take another look it was gone the sky was black but for a few stars it was gone i told my dad he laughed at me like kids have such big imaginations then on the news that morning sittings were reported crazy i said dad see and they shrugged it off as probably military training i never believed that it was not like anything we had or have today. i only told a few of my closest friends they humored me like agreed probly something else is out there besides us and another friend said maybe i was young and my eyes played tricks on me i let it go for years til i saw a movie i forgot what it was called made in the 2000s early but it made me remember i still think something was there and then in2014 i got a job at an aerospace company and met a co worker we were all talking about the possibility of other life i told my story to a few people who were working in the room with me and co worker jerome had said approx same time frame he and two friends were in vallejo ca but their siting was braid daylight he said they saw it fly n hover different than mine but same time frame he was 14 i said how lucky you are to have 2 friends see it with you thank you jerome i said i don't feel crazy anymore suck a relief i wasn't the only one i know something was there i never forgot just the little details i and not certain the exact month i believe it was fall time .Thankyou for letting me share i'm 44 now this has never stopped bothering me.

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Credit: MUFON

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