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Friday, June 9, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Columbia, Illinois on 2017-06-08 22:30:00 - When waiting space station we observed to north, ufo ascended rapidly from w to overhead hover.

While waiting to observe a space station transit to the north a ufo rapidly ascended beginning at the west horizon and traveled to approximately overhead of our location about 38 degrees 27 minutes north, and 90 degrees 13 minutes west. it then hovered until after we went back inside. we were looking for the space station and got a bonus. all we saw was a bright light during the observation we also observed the expected space station to the northwest which transited at a level barely observable through trees about 23 degrees, according to other sources, above our north horizon. both my spouse and i observed. i was somewhat pleased to view the uap. we know of two observers, myself and spouse. the transit was to be 22:32 cdt, so we were outside a little in advance. southern il black triangle: as i was in bed the triangle of jan 2000 also passed over this location as it traveled between millstadt and dupo illinois. i was awakened by excited dog barking to the east which sound transitioned to sound from the south. my military experience included exposure to vlf vibrations. that triangle observation included a vlf sound like multiple ceiling fans starting at full speed and bogging down under load. the left edge of the triangle overlapped my residence and the middle was plainly lighted as it passed over a street light. remarkable to me was a blue light under the craft's middle . the left tip had a red light, and i saw a strobe near the middle. there were bright white lights on the rear. the triangle flew over on about a 355 degree true course and ascended to a cloud free altitude between a lower cloud level and a higher cloud level. my feelings were that it could have been one of ours, but on the other hand possibly a visitor of some sort. i am currently paid up with the eaa, experimental aircraft assn. i was the only local witness, although it was reported by law enforcement officers to my east and north. there were a number of observers many with sketches. i may be one of the few earwitnesses.

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Credit: MUFON

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