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Friday, June 9, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Studio City , California on 2017-06-09 16:45:00 - Me and others, witnessed many orbs/ufos above us

Just witnessed, along with 3 of my neighbors, over 20 white orb-like ufos, perhaps about 20,000 feet up, above our moorpark street address, in studio city, california, near coldwater canyon. they were all hovering, floating, and on 7 occasions, one would travel and touch another, all in the same exact way in a repeating manner. i was the first who noticed them, at about 445pm as i watched a large aircraft fly overhead, then noticed two of them near it, then saw the others. several neighbors saw me, then looked up, and also stared and all wondered what they were. many were in clusters to each other, separate from the other clusters. and for the 30 minutes we watched them, they barely moved. this just happened. i also reported to the facebook mufon. no feelings, just wonder. they all reminded me of fleet reportings in mexico. they were just too high up for a picture to make out. i asked a neighbor to try with her iphone but they could barely be seen thru her phone. after 30 minutes of watching them, they were drifting east. they were not balloons as 7 of them, travelled to another, on separate occasions. like touching another, in the exact same manner. exact same pattern, exact same touch, 7 different ones. there were over 20 of them.

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Credit: MUFON

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