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Saturday, June 17, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Annandale, Minnesota on 2017-06-15 23:01:00 - Recurring lights appearing slightly below sirius in the eastern sky

On my patio facing east. i noticed the first of five events thus far, early this summer. the first object i saw appeared just below and slightly south of the sirius star group. it was white in color and traveled due north for approximately 15 seconds and then just disappeared. none of my sightings moved exceptionally fast except one the rest just simply disappeared. i took my first sighting as just an airplane or better yet a satellite. since the first event i've seen five more objects emerge from the same point in the sky, just under sirius and almost always around 11:00 p.M. to 11:30 p.M. i'm as smoker so i sit outside frequently. four of the objects i've seen where all white in color and always travel northward for 10-30 seconds with one exception which disappeared north from my field of view over the tree tops. the one exception is the last one i saw that when it appeared was a faint pinkish in color and was kind of swirling between pink and white. it suddenly became a bold pink for just a second and then disappeared. it lasted around 20 seconds and disappeared like the others. this has all occurred over a short period of time period of just a couple of weeks and always in the same place and nearly the same time including a couple of nights back to back. sorry i can't say these are near earth sightings but the simple fact they are recurring has led me to believe they are not of terrestrial origin. i've seen satellites, the international space station and two comets in my lifetime and these objects are none of those. keep up your good work

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Credit: MUFON

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