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Tuesday, June 13, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Crescent Valley , Nevada on 2017-06-12 02:00:00 - Two mother ships meet head too head. sm ships docking, leveling them. sm sh picking up so ming from ground bring back to lg ship. one mt, ship left, one stayed behind.

I have most of it all on video. they are still here today 6/13/17. mother ship not at this time. way to much to type. basically first mother ship was already here. then i could not believe my eyes when a second one came in from my left same size as the first. 10 football fields long at lest. have on video. they came head to head and then stopped. smaller gard ships where all around them. there where over 20 of them. why the hell does the airforce not see this stuff. i called them and told them about the darlings. they told me it was a civilian matter. sorry. even though i am not a afraid, they told me today 6/13/17 i should be. i told them again i am sorry but i am not, one of them responded again. you should be very afraid. i just ok. when the time comes.Back to yesterday. i watched one of the mother ships leave, as one stayed behind that was wow. they worked late into the night. the small ships where picking up i could not see what from the ground on the hills behind my home. then they would go back to the mother ship and inter it then another would come out and takes it place. they would line up to go into the ships. it was also a rendezvous. if i looked at it from a military thought. with there cloaking ability and there visibility abilitys and with no sound. then they also could control the weather and the fact they can get past our radar. if they wanted war we would loss. fact!!!!! i am only at this time looking at it from a scientific point of view and the fact they have been coming to me for years now. they also allowed me to video them when just two weeks ago they said no. i asked them to think about it and let me know. they did! i did a drawing for you and i also took a pic of my pic i am in the process of copyright ingredients. we need a well and septic tank. or i would give them for free to the world. but this is the reason they also are helping me they said. i do not expect you to understand, but they do understand we have to have money, they do not. suckered big time. i am so sorry. i really am.

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Credit: MUFON

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