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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

New 2015 UFO Sighting

UFO Sighting in Huddersfield, England on 2015-07-10 02:05:00 - Large orb kinda getting brighter then dulling then dissapearing then reappeared

File contains no audio as it was on cctv. at the time these strange lights were spotted, both the cctv cams failed watching the area where the lights were, this 1 was stretched from other side of the carpark. location was next to 2 blocks of flats in huddersfield, and next to the flats is a river and woodland. the time and date there was noone about except our security so we have eye witness noone was about. our tenants were all in their rooms who are all accounted for. there was no cars by the road near by as we can see it on camera. there was noone in the woods or any animals...Occasionally there are cows. the scene, the 2 guards were out having a cigarette, i stated watching the cameras, they reported a light like fire...I zoomed in, it looked like a 5/6 ft fire. they said there was noone anywere. i looked around the area there was noone but this strange light...Which we cant explain. the night was wet through from rain and morning dew as it was the early hours. there is no explanation for the lights, then they disapear and an orb arrears which a humanoid shape then it vanishes. that wasnt a lense flare, its wasnt a laser or anything else. it wasnt an insect or anything else like that. the video as poor quality as it is as its frame by frame instead of smooth...We needed it like that. however any video editing firmware can easilly speed up the video. you can also invert the colours and contrast and so on which i have...Im boggled, my friends thought maybe a ghost, and other friends thought maybe a ufo...Well alien. am not sure but cant explain it. another note in the morning before end of shift we went to the area we saw the light, no trace of fire, footprints, marks or anything at all. the area was completely undisturbed. the video was also uploaded to youtube as id never heard of this site before im not sure if i still have the original file, but i uploaded on youtube

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Credit: MUFON

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