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Thursday, June 8, 2017

New 2015 UFO Sighting

UFO Sighting in California on 2015-11-15 03:04:00 - Just more of the story. want to provide more information of my memory.

Hello again. since i have so much to write and recalling my memories this is why i am coming back with more of the story. i have sent the photos of the destruction at the park. okay, so i have been abducted before this man the red dragon began doing these things and i never had a problem with any pain or being hurt. i believe that this man has abused his power to the max. the reason why i remember these things is because this man inhumanely let me suffer through pain during procedures/childbirth. even one of the others had said to just give her pain medication because she is in pain and he said no. when i had a child before, i didn't even feel it because they made sure i wasn't in pain, that's why i did not remember. this man purposely wants me to suffer in pain. i also went thru the same thing at the hospitals when i have had to get surgery and whichever the doctors refuse to give me pain medication purposely and i am not an addict at all. i sense a huge amount of racism from them and the red dragon is extremely racist as well. he has written that "black people do not feel pain" and he believes that we don't feel pain. which is absolutely ridiculous. i cant imagine the racism he is imposing towards other. he caused me so much pain thru each thing and i remember it vividly. he tied me up, whipped me, beat me and had me tased and when i was tased i had passed out. i was in extreme pain excruciating. a group of people were watching me be beat and he kept on beating me and accusing me of being a spy which i surely am not. i have not even mentioned anything or even knew i was being abducted until this man got in charge and did these things to me. when i woke up from being tased he had a group of men come in and gang rape me and he told me to just dissociate my mind and put my mind somewhere else. it was complete horror. if i really was a spy i would be speaking to all kinds of people about this or going public, making videos etc but i haven't at all, i haven't done any of that. i just am making my report here which is what i am keeping doing. this man has made my life so horrific. after being beat and raped, that's when he allowed his family or his friends to beat me, which i had mentioned in my other report. they used some kind of alien attacks like a radiation of some sort or something and tased me like. i begged them to stop and they just kept coming at me. the one woman who did the radiation at the end, she took the form of this one doctor i had dealt with before at ucla when i was younger. after i passed out was when i woke up in his arms and he was holding me and i asked him why i was attacked and beaten by her. i suppose that maybe she was a boss above him or some sort of thing. he told me that the reason she beat me was because she was jealous because i was going to be taking place up there and he wanted to marry me or some sort of thing. this was kind of fuzzy so my memory is a little bit blurred. but he said that she was pretty cruel. but i feel like he could have stopped me from being beaten and attacked but he stood by and let me be beat and then he beat me with the whip and hurt me. i still suffer from ptsd. he mostly just spoke of racism and racism going on with alien races and he said that some races were being murdered and things just like in the human race. but, i believe he is a liar because he is a racist. he likes to play a victim and pretend he is a victim. i believe he is also doing things possibly treating others bad, stealing their money and using it wrong and causing other desctruction on earth. i believe he could be doing things in the bank because i did notice my bank account was having issues. he does things so covertly so he doesn't get caught. he also had done something once where he caused my whole paycheck to not even show up knowing i have to help my family. we had to go thru complete chaos to deal with the office , stand in line for hours. he does a lot within the government companies to harass me. hes harassing me thru that, the dmv, and things so that my wait time is longer and all kinds of little petty things. this man has also i believe recently gone thru an eye surgery and he has arthritis. for a while i was noticing i was experiencing extreme eye pain at the time he mentioned he had gone thru this surgery. i didn't know why, but i believe he has caused it. lately i am dealing with severe leg and knee pain, i believe he is doing things to make me feel the pain that he feels. my knees are usually okay and things were all okay until this man got into power. i do believe this is gross misconduct and abuse of power. this man also needs a drug test. i believe he could be using cocaine because i was told online once he had said to me one day that he took so much cocaine that he could kill somone. i was terrified. i am not a drug user and i do not associate with drug users at all. i immediately got offline and blocked him. he comes with millions of different screen names, different alias. the alias he used as a human he mentioned he used darya, julia(who was highly into wicca),and the one used was meghan. now meghan and me had been friends in the past i met her online thru another friend. meghan had i guess jealousy issues if i spoke to any of my other friends on facebook. one day i just get on facebook to open it up to her screaming at me saying nigger this nigger that and nigger nigger nigger and fat, ugly all kinds of names. i was shocked because i didn't even do anything and she was saying all this stuff. she even got a gang of people to call me the n word, to call my phone and blow up my phone. i blocked her and ended the friendship. she has aspergers autism and loves horses. so then about a year later , she comes and sends me a message and apologizes and asks to be my friend again. being the forgiving person i am, i forgave her and we became friends again. i decided that i would never add her to facebook again and just tell her i didn't have one since it was sparking a jealousy for her. we texted and things like that. she really is into racism towards other races and i just kind of listened to her but wouldn't really say much. she said obama deserves to die that he deserves to be shot and hiliary deserves to be locked up in jail for the rest of her life and the key thrown away. she said obama is a mad man and deserves to be hanged and horrible things. i never agreed with this.Also if i didn't reply to her text fast enough she would ask me if i was angry with her and then i noticed i would be getting followed more or things happening in grocery stores with employees treating me terribly and i know she set it up due to her delusional paranoia. she mentioned using adderall and that she was addicted. she mentioned she has cirrhosis of the liver and i was pretty shocked because i didn't even know she drank alcohol. once this red dragon explained to me the altars that are used i realized now that surely was him. she last mentioned she had pneumonia. i feel so deceived. when i realized that she did the same thing to my friend, its a friend whom she introduced me to i was shocked. she called her a nigger and all kinds of bad names did the same thing. after that i really started to question being friends and i had to get both sides of the story. meghan was so controlling she told me to not be her friend anymore she said many terrible things about her. i only stopped being her friend due to the fear of meghan cause she just goes off blows a gasket and i guess she has done this to many people has just went off on them blown a huge tantrum, harassed them , stalked them and things like that. i dont want to see anyone else go thru this. this man this red dragon is doing all of this. he is causing major destruction to the earth, peoples relationships and he is giving a bad name to aliens i believe. i believe he could be hurting them. he has also done something where he will make me say things i dont mean, in that way i end up wit no friends. he has put angry images in my mind of me attacking people and stuff like that and i had once explained it to my therapist. he had put an image in my mind of me wanting to attack her and to attack everyone, which totally is not me at all. i am very peaceful i am not like that at all but his mind control techniques are horrible. i am not controlled by it anymore and when he knows he doesn't have control he flips out. my concern is if he gets whichever tablet he was talking about which he said he supposedly was going to make the world better , i believe he will make it worst. this man is a major con man and i dont think he deserves to even be around people or any life form as he will destroy it as he has done to that once beautiful park. i am absolutely heartbroken still about it. i never knew someone could be so evil to hurt nature like that and to hurt these animals home. i am afraid of what else he will destroy. i believe that we all need peace and we need to restore the earth from what this man has done. there should be racism amongst humans, animals, or these aliens. he wants fighting and constant chaos. he has also gone after my family and i fear for them as i dont know what will happen. i had made the attachment photo out to you again in my other email of the unmarked car which tried to act as though it was going to hit me on the road. it was a red car and the license plate was removed. he told me if i dare tell anyone or say anything he will kill me and have me killed faster. i also with the pregnancies, i didn't know i was pregnant and with one of them i was taken and given a dnc. he was screaming at me and told me the baby died because i didn't eat and i was like what? i didn't even know i was pregnant at all and i guess maybe i was losing my appetite from not knowing. i was given a painful abortion or some type of procedure with no sedation or pain management. during my last birth i gave blood was everywhere i was left bleeding for 3 months after i returned back home and suffered severe anemia and when id go to the doctors they would laugh at me and treat me terribly. he had me getting unnessary procedures, catscans etc. running up a ton of medical bills for me due to the attacks he was doing on me , the poisons etc. if you look at my medical chart you will notice electrolyte imbalances, other toxins but he has done work within the system to make those results be hidden from me. i also had a nurse helping me out one day and he sent in his nurse who was really rude and she even called me fat when the other nurse left the room. she was really rude to this nurse helping me and i coudlnt understand why. she acted as though the nurse was incompetent. the nurse had come from upstairs and was friendly with me. then this mean nurse came and took over. she also had me go thru the severe kidney pain with no pain medication whatsoever . i screamed for help and she locked the door. this monster has completely infiltrated the system at the hospitals. he is murdering and hurting innocent people i believe. there were also 2 mysterious deaths at schools with no evidence at all on the autopsy. i belive he is using the tools with posions, radiation , or whichever to murder those and make it seem like its a heart problem or something else. he i believe is also maybe paying the coroners or something to hide the deaths. i hear about all these deaths in the news and i highly believe this man has something to do with it as he tried to murder me. when i also died from being in so much pain from childbirth with no pain control due to him, when i somehow came back to life from whatever he had done, he was screaming at me. he was telling me that i was dead and that he is sending me back to earth dead and that i'm just in a body basically(remember the clone stuff i mentioned in the other report). he also took my iphone and my other phone up with us on the craft. he did something to them and he said that he was going to add stuff to make it hurt me. he said if i was smart id want to avoid using these phones because they are going to harm me. he also took up the 2 dogs i rescued which were misbehaving and going to the bathroom on the floor, peeing on beds and peeing. i guess he was making them do that on purpose because he mentioned that they were my children. he then did something to make them never go to the bathroom on the floor inside the house. he was purposefully setting that up. he also had told me everytime i do something he doesn't like he will send roaches here. he said cockroaches come from a planet which i forgot the name of the planet which he told me they came from. he said that whenever i see a roach its a hologram that he is sending and that basically everything on earth is a hologram and like a video game. he said i have lived a good life compared to the other people who go thru so much more. one thing i can say is, do not believe one word this man says. he is a compulsive pathological liar. he is a theif, a drug addict, gambler and an abuser. i wouldn't trust this man near a bank, children, money, or any of that. this dragon is not to be trusted. he told me that i should agree with homosexuality because i really was a man which is a total boldfaced lie. he said that he really was a woman and that its hard for me when he goes down and is a man because he really is a woman and that's why sex grosses him out. it made absolutely no sense, his logic is imcomptent and silly. he isn't fit to be teaching religion at all. he is going into churches and saying he is a christian which he surely isn't. he also the first altar he took was of a man named bubba clam my first boyfriend. i really liked him and thought things were cool until he became abusive. he would ignore me, and then soon it became him yelling at me and it would be out of nowhere. he had mentioned he had add and forgot to take his medication at times. i look back on it and realize wow this man was abusing adderall or some kind of stimulant because the way he would act and his jealousy was unbelieveable and i believe his other friends in the army noticed it as well. he was very high and might, cocky, arrogant and abusive. he also had picures of him with his toungue out and the hands symbol of the satan horn or whichever they do, i didn't even know what it meant until i did some research and found out about it. during the relationship i was very caring and always there for him but he would ignore me treat me terribly. he was also cheating on me and he cheated on another woman i suppose cause he had gotten married twice after we broke up and really had lke 6 girlfriends or some sort. he had also mentioned to me that he had done bisexual activity with a man once and being young and only 17 i didn't know any better but i should have left. at the end he made a threat to me and used pages to harass me and things like that. i guess he became revengeful towards me because i told him his behaviors were not of a true christian. cause he had taken to me to his church and i thought he was a good man but nope. i was only 17 at the time and he was 22. i guess me saying that his actions were not of a true christian that since then he has had a vendetta against me and wants to make my life absolutely miserable, and when i remembered the molestation from my father. he must have gotten some high rank in the military or something and is abusing his power completely. i guess his real name was stuart lessig. he was also a republican and a racist cause when we broke up he wrote about ill never date a nigger again and called me a nigger and all these things. it was crazy because i never was abusive to him at all and he turned it around and made it seem like he was the victim and all this stuff. same like how my father did to my mother saying my mother abused him when she never did. this monster is a complete psycho. he is possessive, controlling, abusive and i believe even any small action can anger him so easy he is like a ticking time bomb. i am really risking a lot by making these reports but after realizing what he had done to that park i can no longer keep my mouth shut and for him to do the things hes doing with the mental health community, peoples jobs, peoples money, and all these bad things need to come to a stop and someone needs to know. those claw marks made on those trees surely are of the claws of a beast or dragon. if you look at the pictures you will see how the grass is completely dead and damaged compared to the pictures before. the park use to flourish with nature, even bunnies were there, squirrels. it is all gone. i see the way the berry tree, the berries will not grow back, i belive he is doing a type of spell or some type of magic to stunt growth of plants or halt growth completely. he wants humans and animals to starve eventually which is what he pretty much told me when he said soon no one will have any money and everyone will starve that hes going to take everything away. the way that the trees are slanted , that is not something a human could do for sure, it must have been done by some kind of spell or some sort of instrument, something not of this earth. the way those trees are snapped up at the top, someone tall would have had to reach those trees and he is tall he is huge like 7 or 8 ft. if you go to the park you will see the destruction. i believe he maybe stopping the park from being cared for anymore. the way the plants are crushed are surely done by something, it just is not normal. this park is called kenneth hahn. almost each and every tree has those claw marks and some with the park pulled back. the water in the lake has also been replaced with some type of toxic sludge, the water use to be much cleaner and there were turtles in it too. this is his revenge to me i suppose because i will not speak anymore to him or any of his altars, is to destroy all the things i love, harass me, follow me around all day, do things to my family as well. he mentioned about planet nibiru. he said when planet nibiru arrives is when all the really huge huge monsters will be unleashed, he said that's why he had to get the tablet thing in jerusalem, or whichever to restart the world and make it nice and good again. he said the assyrians or whichever race it was he mentioned is going to take over and that if i think the size of him is bad that these monsters will be like 20ft tall or bigger. he said that is why he has to get this. he said the reason why he is so hard on me and so abusive is because my fate depends on the world or something like pretty much i am responsible for making things right or if things go bad. it didn't make any sense to me. how could it be me though? i am poor and just live a simple life. he said that i was of great imporantance and wanted for my power because i have good healing powers or whichever. i believe that what this man is sayin is not true, i believe he is going to ruin the world not fix it and we can see by how he is damaging the earth, the clean air and how selfish this man is. he has no right to consistently follow me, harass me, stalk me because i never did one wrong thing to him and he has slandered my name so much to make people believe i am bad when i am not. he spends his whole day online so each place i go online there is something negative from him whether it be a death threat, calling me ugly, fat, or talking about me being black, making fun of mexicans, asians, and all other races. it is really discriminating and wrong. he has huge huge hate for muslims as well. he tries to justify his behavior, make up excuses, and anything he can do to cover his behind, so please hear me out, i am telling the truth. i know these reports are kind of the time messed up, cause i dont remember the exact time i just know he has taken me many times and has been evil to me. and due to the pain he caused i remember because i am sensitive to pain. for him to tell doctors to not properly treat me is horrible and he is basically in control of all of it. he has caused me seizures as well and my legs to tremor and other body parts. he has has given me eye issues, injected me with unknown substances. i know suffer each day with severe chronic pain. he also has a spirit which comes into my house at night it knocks on the walls, the tub, creaking sounds which walking can be heard and then i will start to feel really hot, or really cold, a hand on my back. i also have had experiences of dreams of rape. he doesn't belong doing any medical things on anyone , he cannot be trusted. he likes to put the blame on others when his behavior is out of control. he said if told anyone that i would get money for it but that they would try to kill me faster. i dont really care about money, i just want to live a normal life, and live peacefully and the destruction going on to stop. i believe he is getting people beaten or hurting others cause i hear stories of others being hurt on yahoo answers and things like that. i think he is a total bully and bully gang type. he is also nosy, he has my phone tapped and i can hear him breathing and everything. when i started to open up finally about the secret i have held in for 20 years about my molestation , i could actually hear him crying thru the phone pretty much. i could hear crying, breathing and when he is angry i hear like sigh like a sign of anger or sigh of annoyance. he is angry about me not wanting to let the mercury insurance company rip me off and do what they are doing which is shady and angry i realized it and have spoken up about it. he also keeps coming by and stealing our newspaper, this man is a total theif. we have had our newspaper stolen about 9 times now and my mom has to keep calling to get them to bring another one. he said he was going to get me pregnant and that the baby will be born and i will die when the baby is born because the baby is going to save humanity and you know what i fear if i had a baby and he was near the baby he would hurt the baby like i was molested and i have flashes of being molested as a newborn baby. i believe when he gave me that abortion that he maybe did something with the baby or whichever. i am highly against abortion and it something i do not agree with and he was trying to tell me that all these things i do not agree with are right and that i am a bad person pretty much because i dont agree with these things. i also prescribed a medication for lupus a corticosteroid without any information or anything about it and just the doctor sat laughing in my face pretty much and acted as though i was stupid. the nurse with him was a blond hair blue eyed woman she had total anger just seemed so angry and she never smiled. she looked like a nazi to me. i did notice her one day in my abduction she took a sample from my knee and i have a scar there. she told me i acted too thinking to much or something because it was hurting and she was cold and cruel. i am not sure what it is but i believe that hitler is coming back and is using other forms, donald trump as an altar. i believe this is why the fema camps are set up and i had a exercise where i was shown being put into the fema camp and then a big beam came of radiation and wiped us all out once we got inside. my fathers bday 4/20, hitlers bday 4/20, you see the connection here? i believe that if something isn't done something will happen horribly. we have to do something to get this stopped.He also is involved in a construction company. the meghan girl would always mention going to walmart and amarillo texas. amarillo texas has under ground tunnels which i have seen on youtube, i am almost 100% sure that this is being done by this person. all the camps in texas i believe he has ready to go. the meghan girl has invited me to go to texas in july, i told her i wasn't sure id be able to due to money and i dont feel good about it knowing how racist she is in my mind i know if i was to go down there id be killed most likely. i believe all the walmarts are being contructed by him. he also mentioned to me about the grays. i had been looking for my friend which had gone and he said that right now the grays have to hide because they plan to firstly blow up australia and are going to wipe out all the grays. i guess that they must have something against the grays or i'm not sure but the australians that i have met have been friendly and i dont believe anyone deserves to die. i cannot stand evil and hate. he told me that the grays are pretty much in hiding right now. i did read online about the fluoride is where the grays go and i do remember him mentioning that. and i read the fluoride is there right now. he also mentioned he wants to firstly nuke california, then new york and all the places i guess he feels he is so angry with or whichever. he is also a sadist with sick sadistic sexual fantasies which he into and he knows that i am very much not into sexual stuff like that, i am really reserved and am waiting for marriage. he also mentioned things about the reptilians. he said they stink and smell like sulfur and i did notice a smell and i didn't like it at all and we had spoken about that a little bit. he said that i am not one of them and that's why i dont like it. it was like a rotten egg type of smell kinda. i dont believe that anyone should be getting hurt and that everyone needs to stop fighting, he is trying to spark fighting amongst everyone. everyone needs to see this , he is doing this stuff all on purpose. he is doing mind control most likely on everyone he comes in contact with. he is a con man. i hope that this report is of some help and if i do recall more memories i will get in touch and make another report. i just pray that my pains stop. i am afraid that if this man is still in control that he will possibly try to kill me while he is in power or kill many more innocent people. he is a control freak and he will go berserk without control. please do not let this man do these things anymore. thank you very much for reading my writings. i also am just checking of whichever boxes for the other questions about the craft and other details, refer to my first report for the other details. it just makes it go faster for me to just check whichever off cause i mostly wanted to explain the abduction experience here. thank you very much. also the pics come from my cell phone, they aren't on my computer which is why i had attached them in emails.

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