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Wednesday, June 7, 2017

New 2015 UFO Sighting

UFO Sighting in Manchester Township, New Jersey on 2017-05-27 23:15:00 - Egg or acorn shaped. orange and red at either side. aura of white red and orange respectively. matched description of first ce 5 sighting.

I have thus far attempted three separate ce 5s or close encounters of the fifth kind coined and apparently developed by mr greer and an et(according to mr greer). the first and third attempt were in my opinion the most effective as during the second i was very tired and did not stay around late. having said that i still saw something strange but does not compare to the first or third. i start the ce 5 as suggested, broadcasting re recorded tones via transceiver radio recorded from a crop circle(according to the contact app, which is essentially a guide). the second step is what is called coherent thought sequence. i attempt to mentally project my exact location in the galaxy, solar system and eventually earth. due to my proximity to jbmdl, a joint military base and large air base just nw of my location then, i added a simple but explicit warning with my location. the third and final part i use a laser light to pinpoint myself. the first sighting happened just before a meteor shower. now, don't misunderstand, i have spent months pondering all options objectively. and i can say without pride or shame i don't know what i saw. there were shooting stars that evening, strangly arriving from multiple directions, but many of them had smoke trails and dust trails. this not to be confused with the very first object, which was not a distant blue white light, but a cone or acorn shaped, very large or very close and low object with red and orange at its immediate sides. much different from the red and green nav lights on jets. it had a white cone aura and by my estimation was from tree top level to five hundred feet. and was moving slower than any meteor i've seen. possible alternatives to a ufo or meteor would be a stealth helicopter or drone, but that wouldn't explain, if the mil base sent a sortie to check the laser light out, why they would turn their unusual lights on. this object approached from the south, flew over the house i was staying at and vanished without any trace,it was flying straight and level and no more then one hundred miles per hour or less, poofing straight over the house. but, it wasn't what i saw that convinced me it was neither here nor there, but from somewhere else, it was the experience after, a day later while in bed trying to sleep that did. the best description i can offer is a local basketball sized ball of sound came down my hall and surrounded my head. it matched the description of a former marines testimony via eye witness testimony of sirius disclosure. i felt fingertips drum over mynhead. and the corner of my bed lifted and dropped. i felt as if they were inviting me outside. they followed me home and were checking me out. who? i dunno. that's just what i experienced. at no point was i frightened, but i felt it was a little invasive although also harmless. it was either a series of wild coincidences or something unusual. the third encounter happened this last memorial day weekend, thinking there would be less traffic around mcguire, which there wasn't as much, i decided to do it then. through the evening normal jets were flying overhead. it was clear what was a jet and what was not. after the ce5 protocols it was getting cold but instead of calling it a night i got my jacket and a blanket to continue shining the laser for a short while longer. the object this time, which i would suggest could have been the same or a similar object, flew much further up this time, came from the east and stopped over the house again. this time, it being at least two thousand feet up, i got a better profile of the object as the first encounter it was much lower. it had a cone aura, was again the slowest, most colorful, unusually shaped and soundless object that left no trace. it flew across the traffic pattern of mcguire and minutes later a jet flew south from mcguire, against the pattern, directly to where it had been. these are two entirely separate ufo sightings. as far as visual sightings during ce 5s i am batting 1.000. i have seen something strange each time. and i share it with all who i know and think will listen.

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Credit: MUFON

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