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Saturday, June 10, 2017

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UFO Sighting in St. George, Utah on 2017-05-09 22:15:00 - Solid silent unflickering orange orb gliding northeast (no ascent or descent) then fading quickly

Went outside at 10:15pm mst to observe the full moon and saw a brilliant, solid , silent orange orb of light traveling in a northeastern direction at about the altitude of a life flight helicopter coming in to land at the local hospital less than a mile down the road from my home. it was a clear night, no clouds, with the full moon to the right of my vantage point and obscured by large trees in my yard (so there was no moonlight affecting my view because the moon was behind the trees in my yard). the orb did not ascend or descend; it stayed on a path of consistent altitude and speed. its speed was similar to that of a small private airplane that has leveled off following take off. the orb made no sound as would a drone or plane or helicopter and it did not have any flashing/flickering lights. from my vantage point, it was approximately between the size of a regular white aspirin and a nickel held at arms length. i grabbed my iphone and started recording (see attached video) and shot about 20 seconds of video before the object abruptly faded. (note: it did not "fade" away because it got too far away from me that i couldn't see it; nor did it fade from sight because it blended in with the sky and stars; it faded as does a lamp when you turn true switch - quickly). this object was not a drone, chinese lantern, airplane, helicopter, toy airplane, weather balloon, or any other common object identifiable in the sky. in my video they object appears to be white in color. but to the human eye, the object was a brilliant, unwavering, intense, opaque orange.

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Credit: MUFON

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