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Saturday, June 3, 2017

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UFO Sighting in San Antonio, Texas on 2017-06-02 21:25:00 - 2 lower and 3 higher but together flying in a nw direction

My wife and daughter and i were getting a snow cone at the corner of bandera road and 1604 and as we got into the car my 23 year old daughter says , "hey dad why are those planes flying so close together ?" as i looked into the sky i saw what my daughter was talking about and made a joke, " hey look those are ufo's you just found ", as i really looked at them i noticed that they were not right and when they turned off then really not airplanes either. we live close to an afb and hear and see planes everyday as well as not being far from the sat airport. these lights were not in the right flight pattern to go either the afb nor the sat airport. they were flying towards us and to our right. there were 2 lower and 2 higher and as they were flying one by one they turned off slowly. their lights kinda dimmed starting with the one in front then the next and so on. that's when i realized that they couldn't be planes. the last one that we saw would be the 4th one in the row and it came out from where there was some lightning starting to happen in a cloud. the sky seemed clear other than that cloud that lightning was coming from. now when the 3rd one went out(lights) we didn't see another so i took off driving back towards the house. as i got to highway 1604 we noticed another which was the 4th and so i pulled over after all the shops. so we were now totally in the dark so i could see better. i got out of my truck and watched as the 4th one went the same way as the other 3 and there were no clouds in the sky where their lights turned off. and then they were gone. i would have stayed to see if anything else would have happened but we had to leave for mother nature called and had to answer so i didn't see if anything else happened after that.

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Credit: MUFON

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