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Wednesday, June 28, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Valle Gran Rey, on 1993-05-10 03:00:00 - Rotating/flashing coloured lights at front. came towards me slowly then shot off at a right angle

My friend and i were walking across the sea front from el pueblo to playa del ingles in valle gran rey, la gomera, at approximately 3am in may 1993. it was the night of the full moon and we stopped and sat on the sea wall to look at the moon. it was then that i noticed something in the sky with rotating or flashing blue, green, yellow and red lights; the circular glow of the lights overlapped one another and behind the lights was what seemed like a rocket booster that stayed the same length leaving no trail. i pointed out this phenomenon to my friend beside me, but he was already observing this object which came slowly towards us from above the sea, and though it was a calm, clear night the craft made no sound. after coming towards us for a couple of minutes it suddenly shot off at a right angle with incredible speed, disappearing over the mountains. a day or two later, i returned to playa de las americas, tenerife, where i saw a report in the local english language newspaper (i believe it to be called 'the english sun'), that a ufo had been viewed from tenerife on the same night or night after by several locals and some policeman. i took this to be the same craft that my friend and i had observed. i am not 100% sure on it's altitude, however, i know for a fact that it should have made a sound considering it's height and the speed that it shot off at was exceptionally fast, and i believe it to be an impossible speed for technology even in this day and age to travel at. it did not curve or gradually turn but shot off at an immediate 90 degree angle.

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Credit: MUFON

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