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Thursday, June 29, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Prince Edward, Ontario on 2017-06-28 07:50:00 - Ufo seen west of picton ontario moving slowly with lights

0750 june 28th 2017 traveling west down church street (county road 22) towards county road 10 just south west of picton ontario at approximately 60km/h. passed the airport and descending down the escarpment (traveling west) when an unidentified craft was spotted above. it seemed to be traveling south-east from the north-west, slowly, and approximately 50-60 degrees above the horizon and stood out against the blue sky. the size at this point was the size of a canadian quarter (2.3cm/0.93" diameter) held at arm's length. no sound was heard during the whole experience nor was any electrical/mechanical problems experienced. i slowed and pulled to the side of the road while maintaining visual contact with the object while i attempted to get my phone to take a photo. in my haste (as well as a jungle of aux and charging cables) i dropped the phone and when i got it the unidentified had already passed over the horizon. i thought it might have been an super ultralight aircraft flying into the airport but i have seen hundreds of aircraft land there and never seen any sort of configuration in such a way as this, nor was there any sound. frankly i don't even remember ever seeing any sort of aircraft land at the airport this early in the day. the majority (at least 95%) of the aircraft that land at this small airport are cessna 172 and piper cub aircraft and i have seen plenty of those and it was certainly not that. the only helicopter seen in the area that remotely has the same configuration as what i saw is a ch-47 chinook and those you can hear for miles. i live in trenton ontario which is home to 8th wing of the rcaf and my mother was in the air force and i have grown up learning about planes and i am certain it was not a plane or a helicopter. the only other thing i can think of it was being is possibly a balloon drone and that seems unlikely given the time and place of the sighting as well as having to be operated so close to the air field. eyes on object at this point was approximately 5 seconds as it traveled across my field of view and disappeared past the trees. there seemed to be a light, albeit a somewhat opaque or dull light emanating from the two circles below the main "disk" of the craft. my reaction both during and after was more of excitement than fear, though slight nausea was experienced for a few hours following, though it may have been due to too much chinese food the night before.

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Credit: MUFON

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