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Thursday, June 29, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Johns Island, South Carolina on 2016-08-13 02:30:00 - Four of us were taken by extra-dimensional or extra terrestrials while lying on our paddle boards watching a meteor shower on august 13

There were four of us, all good friends. earlier in the day, we read about a meteor shower online so we wanted to watch it from the lake where we thought we would get the best view of the shower. it was late when we got on our paddle boards, roughly 230 am. we were enjoying ourselves when we noticed what appeared to be a bright flashlight heading our direction. we all wondered who it was or what it was that was approaching. i thought it was the land owner walking out to tell us to turn our music down. as the light approached to about 20 yards or so away, the light seemed to multiply or expand into the brightest, most piercing whitish-blue light. the last thing i remember is having my hair raise on the back of my neck and trying to scream and then the light engulfed us. the next thing i knew was that i was standing on the beach near where we had put our boards in the water. everything around me was distorted even though i was on the beach i was the same beach i had always been on. i thought for a second that i was dead. then one after another, my girlfriend and two friend appeared on shore but everything still wasn't quite right. the only way i can describe what i was seeing was distortion. it was like whoever took us was trying to dial our frequencies back into our dimension or something. i call them extra dimensional entities because they were able to warp the physical reality that we are living in. it's really hard to describe what i was seeing without sounding like a lunatic. just when i was sure i was dead, because there was no way what i was seeing was actually happening, the distortion faded. everything around us just settled down like they had found the right frequency setting for our reality. we all got together, group hugged and cried for several minutes. our paddle boards were still floating out in the lake and our swim suits were only slightly damp. almost dry which indicated to us that we had been out of the water long enough to go from soaking wet to almost competely dry. that gap of time from when we were taken to when we were put back is totally blank from all of our memories. we were taken but have no clue what they did to us. all that we could be thankful for was that we were put back without really being physically harmed that we know of. the experience definitely mentally and emotionally harmed us but i was at least thankful i was alive.

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Credit: MUFON

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