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Saturday, June 3, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Washington, District of Columbia on 2008-11-22 00:00:00 - 3 lights

Dear reader. i do not want to endanger you or any body else, i just wanted to let you know something.Your triangle space ship are '3 entities' that have been seen in history for a very long time.Those three entites that make the flying triangle is not a ship with aliens inside and is not a ship in cloak. those three extraterrestrials are the sole reason why pyramids were built around the world.Those three extraterrestrials are the sole reason why the dollar bill has the triangle on the back with the eye in the middle. me personnely ,i dont think the public is ready for the truth and honestly i would just like to ask you 1 question.Out of all your years of persuing ufos are you allowed to talk about the truth,or do you think it will send the populace into a panic? if you ever get a chance to talk to some one high in power can you ask them one question..Whats the protocol to stopping those 3 entites that form the triangle? dont mention aliens dont mention spaceships just ask that one question. so here i am taking the trash out on a cloudy night.All of the sudden all noice pollution just vanishes, as im walking back from taking the trash out. i look north to see if the trees are shaking or if the wind was going to blow hard because my first thought was the term 'the calm before the storm'i thought maybe a tornado was about to hit the city. when the first entity came out of the clouds,i said to my self and laughed 'its just a blimp because nothing in the world can fly that slow and so low.Then the middle came and i will get back to the middle.About a minute later the 2 back entities came from the clouds forming a triangle roughly 150 yards above me. i panicked and thought that it was a plane because i noticed that it was not a blimp so it had to be a plane.I walked and skipped and jogged under it,because thats how slow it was going,as i followed it down the street. i could never ever tell any body about the middle because it was just to much for me to explain and i coudnt. with power this great i can understand why the elit and others would like to keep things normal.In the middle of these 3 entites,in the middle of that triangle formation...Was another universe an entire galaxie.These 3 interdementional extraterrestrials have the ability to open time and space in the middle of that triangle formation. some call them the 3 wise men,in the book of the dead they call them the 3 lost atoms.Some call them jinn and fallen angels,some say its the all seeing eye of god,or the eye of provice. you want to time travel and go to another world find the triangle and fly somthing in the middle of it,you will be amazed. copy written by immortallegend527

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Credit: MUFON

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