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Friday, June 2, 2017

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Alien Encounter in Missouri on 2010-10-10 00:00:00 - Flying hovering shadow swooped from above behind us deccended toward us right over and past our heads then changing its flightpath hover flying with indefinite flowing shape.

Flying hovering dark flying shadow like thing or entity flew in from behind and above us. we were standing on a dock at night. in south east missouri. it was a dark night. there was no moon. there were no lights being emitted from anywhere. we were way in the woods. the house lights were off. we became aware of a shadow from behind us we looked..(which was strange that there could be more shadow) there was no bat no bird or beast there was what appeared to be a flying dark shadowy thing that flew toward us right over and past our heads changing shape and direction it hovered at shoulder level it seemed to be checking us out it then flew in an arching path and seemed to grow wider directly out from the front of the the dock still seemingly aware or looking at us. we both starred at it until we lost sight of it as it vanished into thin air. then we looked at each other. i didn't say anything at first because i was not sure i really saw what i saw. but my buddy was shook and he was insistent upon me giving an answer to what he just witnessed. i was happy this was a shared experience because well... it was very peculiar and i would have questioned my senses.. my friend was kinda scared. i was shocked by how shook he was. i have lived and worked in nature a lot... this was unlike anything i have seen. we are both pretty pragmatic individuals. i was running thru the scenarios none of which came close to explaining this. my friend was still trying to get some explanation out of me.. we were not on drugs by the way... i was trying to stay calm so my buddy would calm down. he kept asking me "what was that?" with some genuine fright in him. i was blown away... but not so fearfully as him.. we both know we had seen something that was beyond what we know. this was not mist or a rouge cloud, shadow of a bird, or bug on a light. this was a flying dark energy, entity, spector, et, inter-dementional something, or flying worm hole ghost...Something! people have seen lights in the woods around those woods for years. people have just kinda chalked it up to people sneaking around the property at night or eyes deceiving the mind. there is some evidence that some hillbillies may have snuck around the property. the lights though were often not consistent with what you expect to see from a flashlight... again without explanation we can only postulate. this experience with the dark flying shadow energy thing was undeniable. my buddy still asks me if i have some explanation...That would make it less strange. and he wonders if i know something he doesn't. ..I don't. .. this was a very impactful experience. i read about mufon in an article last month, i did not know mufon existed. if there is anyone who can give me any information about what it was we witnessed or if other people are seeing or aware of this i would genuinely appreciate speaking with them. what is the significance? i know that i saw and experienced something strange. my friend was left quite uneasy about this still. i still wonder if this is somehow connected to some other weird phenomena i have experienced.... i get that sometimes time and place set and setting can play a role in ones perspective like waking up in an empty house hearing your name....... then realizing you just moved next door to a used car-lot with an employee sharing your name being called for over the loud speaker. ....This is not one of those scenarios. ..This was a close encounter.... with what i do not know? the fact that my friend is uneasy about it still is a concern. again the significance of this encounter was greatly impactful. im not sure where the line is drawn between the "spirit" and "et" realms but this experience brings to mind to question where others weigh in on this. was this an apparition? alien? an assault? or a means of communication? mufon please put someone on this. it would be appreciated. thanks for taking the time to read this. we would appreciate your help

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Credit: MUFON

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