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Friday, June 9, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Tucson, Arizona on 2017-06-09 01:40:00 - Intermittently white/green point of light observed hovering, darting in a relatively confined part of the sky above treeline.

1. i was on my apartment's balcony (coordinates available on request) looking southwest with sentinel peak, aka “a” mountain (32°12′37″n 110°59′32″w) visible in the distance. 2. movement of the point of light caught my attention out of the corner of my eye. 3. at first i assumed it was a meteor but it didn't burn out or hit the ground; rather it stopped completely and hovered for a few seconds before darting up and to the right. 4. the point of light was alternating between white and green; very bright, and it shone like a typical aircraft anti-collision light when it was white. the green variation may suggest it's marking the starboard side of an aircraft, however i never saw it turn red (portside). based on its flight maneuvers i assume i would see both sides of the craft. its actions included hovering, darting in a straight line, and random, abrupt yet smooth (vs. a rigid 90° turn, for example) turns. i observed it darting along the x and y axes; i was not able to determine z axis movement, if any. it's flight activity was confined to below the treeline (not visible) to 20° above the horizon, in terms of the y axis. it was confined to the same roughly 10° along the x axis. all of its flight activity occured within the same samll part of the sky with sentinel peak directly behind it, in the distance, from my vantage point. my observation lasted from exactly 1:40 to 1:47 a.M. pdt. 5. mainly curiosity; it didn't seem real. it was different than how i imagine a drone is able to fly, it seemed to be too fast with odd movements for things like helicopters, it made no sound, turned green then back to white, i could not get a good read on the distance (my best guess is .25 miles). i tried to record it on a very old iphone but it didn't pick up the dot of light. 6. it dropped down the final time below the treeline at 1:47 a.M. (does this mean it's someone's toy?) i watched that small part of the sky for another 40 or so minutes and it never reappeared.

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Credit: MUFON

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