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Friday, June 2, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Bradford, Pennsylvania on 2016-07-15 03:30:00 - Sphere like objects flying over house

In july 2016 at approximately 3:30 am i was standing on my back deck just hanging out . as i usually do when i go out late at night i look up into the sky and observe the stars or the moon because of my interest in astronomy. that particular night the cloud cover was minimal and the moon actually highlighted the cloud cover . as i was looking into the sky i happened to notice not to far off into the distance several perfectly round objects moving at a very slow rate of speed approximately 500 ft in altitude , they were also moving in a perfectly straight line heading north east from my position. they were flying in a horse shoe formation and each sphere was equa distant from each other which i would say was approximately 50 to 60 feet apart . i also noticed there wasnt any type of sound or lights whatsoever which i thought was also strange . as it moved closer and i could get a better look i counted 7 large spheres , as i was looking at it i was wondering to myself , what the heck is this ? as it continued to move closer the spheres appeared to get larger . i would say each sphere could hold approximately 20 or more people if not more inside . now .. what actually caught my attention as i was looking at it and wondering what this thing was another sphere the same size and shape came out of nowhere and placed itself in a perfect position on the right side of the horse shoe formation flying at the same speed , altitude and distance between it and the others which completed a perfect horse shoe formation. i mean the 8th sphere that came out of nowhere was perfect in joining the rest of the formation . now the count was 8 spheres instead of 7 which i had noticed only 7 when i first spotted it . i live near an oil refinery so i was thinking that maybe the 8th sphere was collecting info or data on the refinery .. i normally have a 3 million candle spotlight on the picnic table which is on the deck where i normally stand to spot animals and such which wander around at night just to see what might be making the noises and such . this particular night my spotlight was charging in the basement and i hardly ever at all go out at night without it . this particular night i wasn't lucky enough to have it near by to be able to grab it quickly enough to get a better look at it . the whole ordeal only lasted about a minute or less it was moving slow enough to be able to recognize it wasn't of this world . this wasn't a balloon, airplane , helicopter, or anything which skeptics seem to say when you can't explain something that's unexplainable i know what i saw was real .. i really didn't have any type of feelings other than i wanted to know what it was ,and after the fact i wished i had my spotlight to get a better look at it . i lost sight of the objects because i first sighted it which was from my deck which is located at the back of the house . the deck is 8 feet off the ground and doesn't extend far enough to be able to look completely around the corner to the other side of the house. if i wanted to keep an eye on it i would have to run through the house , open up the front door which is normally locked then unlock the second door to get outside by that time and how fast it was moving i doubt i would have seen it again so i didn't bother to continue with the sighting . i would also like to add that prior to this sighting ( a few days before ) i had a dream of encountering an alien which was slightly taller than i was ( i'm 5'10 ) it had the grey skin color , with the large slanted eyes ,bulbous head at the top with long thin arms and legs and had a thin midsection area, we were in a mountainous area , the mountains looked pointed at the peaks with very little vegetation around , we were looking at each eye to eye, i had a feeling it was a female for some reason , i tried talking to her but she never said a thing she put her hand on my shoulder and immediately i felt euphoric it was like everything went away 1000 lbs off my shoulders .. it was an addicting feeling where you didn't want that feeling to go away . after this meeting she took off and ran to another mountainous area not far from where we were standing and started climbing the mountain on all fours using her hands and feet kinda looked like an animal that runs on all fours , as she was climbing the other mountainous area i kept yelling for her to come back several times . she did stop and looked at me but then turned and kept on moving up and over the mountain . that's when i woke up .. strange who knows . i thought it was .. what that feeling was when she touched me was amazing , it was like no cares at all .. sounds weird and it was .. to end that was my ordeal with a ufo and an alien dream .. i will say this everything that happend did happen and i'm hoping it will happen again .. would love to experience more and learn more about what's out there among us .. jeff

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Credit: MUFON

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