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Wednesday, June 28, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Puyallup, Washington on 2017-06-25 00:00:00 - Very clear cylindrical/rectangular object with circular shapes (lights?) on bottom, spotted after the fact, in photos taken of clouds.

Witness description: date: sunday, june 25, 2017. time: approx. 6:00pm. i was alone in my car, exiting the parking lot of bed bath & beyond (4102 s meridian, puyallup, wa 98373) and noticed lots of interesting cloud formations. it almost looked like a bunch of angels fighting or like a “battle between good and evil” was happening in the sky. i turned left onto 43rd, ave sw and started heading east toward meridian street, a busy main road that runs north/south down the center of puyallup. i called my friend, who also lives in puyallup, to tell him about the amazing cloud formations i was seeing. he looked out the east-facing window of his home, a couple of miles away from my location, and agreed that there were some interesting looking clouds in the sky. he asked me to take some pictures, so i quickly took a few images with my camera phone, an asis laser 3. later, when i was looking at the pictures on my camera, i also noticed what appeared to be multiple “faces” in the cloud formations. two days later (june 27), i was showing these faces in the clouds to the same friend i had called earlier and he immediately noticed an object in the sky near the clouds. he said, “what is that?…that’s a ufo!” i was stunned because i hadn’t noticed the object in the picture before this time. we looked at the other two pictures i had taken and noticed the same object but in different positions in the sky. the object had obviously been moving because it’s the only thing changing locations in the picture. everything else is stable, or in the same location: streetlights, the sign, trees, and reflections from the dashboard of the car onto the glass. i still don’t know what to think of the object. i’m not a “ufo person.” my friend, though, is convinced that it cannot be a reflection in the glass, an airplane, a balloon, or any other familiar/manmade object, and so urged me to report it.

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Credit: MUFON

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