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Thursday, June 8, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Ravenel, South Carolina on 2017-06-01 03:30:00 - Late night chain smoking. over head appearness

(843) 864-5473 sitting on the crapper i say this. my name is p slong and i witnessed a ufo. night time yet early morning hours paint peeling from the dock. restless from frustrating life of schooling. i i turn to my bad habits of smoking. as a boy i seen cartoons television shows of global almost reality like series. at the same point of living i've had a dream stepping out side my witness little martians in my kitchen in dun'moving jacboi house. as a child i did things and almost felt my father watching as if he was watching from a dream. i believe this.. so now i say i'm much older. hardeville is where i'm from says don't seek crazy. but, hear this, i step outside my house birds that sound ape like and i hear owls. sources as shape shifters. off track far off. with my iphone on the dock. i look up to see a spaceship. glowing yellow greenish. it had a missing spot in the middle ,military maybe. i think not scared the hell out me if profanite forgive me. the appearance first caught my sight. a dark spot in the center glowing around it. the ufo flew as if a teardrop of light. appeared like it was a falling star but a closer observation was wild. it steamed across the sky. going over the neighbors house into tree line out of sight. i couldn't comprehend what had happened but i stood there in fear malicious wit a burn smoke. scared of my mind i go next door and find my neighbor. as i said early from my childhood, i say modesty i froze or heisted for an unimaginable period of time. during i ran ran out of breath in other words shocked. f bomb the world.

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Credit: MUFON

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