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Tuesday, June 6, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Naperville, Illinois on 2017-06-03 23:05:00 - While practicing ce-5 protocols taught by cseti, i witnessed what looked like a shooting star but was visible amidst the clouds and had no downward gravitational arc, and had no tail.

On saturday june 3, 2017, while participating in cseti's worldwide ce-5 initiative on my own and without a group or a team, i was practicing the ce-5 protocols for about 2 and a half hours and alternating between meditation, remote viewing, and playing certain tones recorded during a crop circle investigation. after roughly two hours and forty five minutes i packed up my things and began walking towards the forest parking lot. i decided i should walk backwards just in case i might happen to miss something in the sky behind me as i left, and just before reaching the parking lot and while viewing the south eastern part of the sky (the sky was very cloudy, i could barely see the moon above and the clouds blocked out the stars, and we also have a lot of light pollution in our area) i witnessed what looked very much like a shooting star and it was visible for only about one second. what is compelling is just how cloudy and light polluted the sky was, and since i could not see any stars i found it very bizarre that i should see a "shooting star" that was not only visible below the cloud line but also which traveled on a flat, horizontal trajectory. at an altitude below the cloud line, i believe that it would defy the laws of physics for a meteorite or space debris to be at such a low altitude and somehow traveling horizontally with no downward arc heading towards the earth. i find the timing of the event highly suspicious as well, i set out that night with the intent of peacefully vectoring in any et vehicles willing to appear for us and and demonstrate their beauty and peacefulness (i had some rather interesting visuals while meditating and remote viewing) and the chances of just happening to see an extremely rare shooting star that was somehow visible among the clouds and traveling on a seemingly impossible trajectory for an unintelligent object to be extremely slim. i've seen plenty of shooting stars in my life, but not a single one which i can recall in naperville, even on the clearest of nights. really the only resemblance it had to a shooting star was the speed at which it was moving, in fact it may have been moving faster than most shooting stars. it was also unlike a shooting star in that it did not appear to diminish and disintegrate, it popped out of view with the exact same brightness as it did when it appeared, and again it appeared amid a completely cloudy part of the sky. i truly wish i had been able to record it on video, or at the very least to have had a secondary witness. keep in mind, i take this subject extremely seriously and i do my best to debunk any "potential sightings" i may witness because if i'm going to see one, i want to be certain that i saw what i think i saw. i would not be posting this sighting were i not so sure that it was something otherworldly, i've waited several days in the time since i witnessed it, i have slept on it and have determined after much consideration, research, and healthy skepticism that it was not some extremely coincidental freak of nature shooting star somehow defying the law of physics. to anyone who reads this, believe in the truth. they are out there, they are visiting, and based on their lack of agression they are more than likely peaceful or at least neutral observers of our civilization. if you are like myself and would absolutely love to have a sighting, check out cseti/sirius disclosure and their ce-5 protocols. you do not have to spend any money in order to learn how to initiate contact, it just takes time and practice with regard to meditation, and a very open mind. anyone can have these experiences, and for anyone reading, thank you for taking me seriously and keep an open mind, and keep your eyes to the skies...

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Credit: MUFON

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