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Sunday, June 11, 2017

New 2015 UFO Sighting

UFO Sighting in Crescent Valley , Nevada on 2016-06-20 00:00:00 - I have over 50 pictures of the lg dropping off small ship and small ship cloaking it's self. and one other ship. as well as something more.

I was out side with my dogs at home and i had a very strong sence to look up. they have told me they can find me anywhere i go and they have!. sorry anyway that's when i saw the lg ship begin to moving back words very slowly. clouds do not do move in way this one did. the movement was very direct and stright. the ship was cloaked as a cloud, but the corners where perfectly curved in the rear of the craft. straight and curved under the on the side of the craft. the bottom of the craft was flat with a lg dark space that changed shap. not a lot, but you can see in my pictures it change. i new this was a ship by the look and i have had 4 encounters with four difference specs. the forth was here. so knowing this i ran in and grabbed my canon 60d camera. i then began clicking away. i watch the larger ship drop of a smaller ship and then move forward again. i then focused my cameras attention on the smaller ship and took over 80 pictures of it. it was in visible at first, unless you now what shap to look for. i could see it because, i new what shape it is. then i watched the outlines of the ship darken and then it cloaked it's self to blend in with the cloud and then it change its outer shape to look like a smile face. this ship first looked like a helicopter in some ways. yet the frount of the ship had 3 very sharp points like in the moves. they where jacked, very straight that lines on the craft. it is not a shap you have on file fact. later that night i got another ship on my canon. it could have also been the larger ship changed shape. this one wow, the clouds are braided and weaved symmetrical. it is so perfect and spaced perfectly. it is easy to see it is a ship to me, but i am used to them. the ship was long and came to a point at the front of the ship. the hall of the ship was round nd the largest part of the ship. the back was as wide the belly ofthe ship, but narrower. the ship was invisible yet not. it made no sound what so ever and never moved. while other clouds did move. his all happened the same day.There not affread of me. i new i had two ships on pic's but not the one the would prove they exsist. i am copyright ingredients them and i have given them to two friends i trust with my life. i also have the card put in hiding. backed up all the pic but not on line. i never did. i walked away after it finished cloaking it's self. no point in watching anymore and i need another card i thought. but i really didn't.

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Credit: MUFON

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