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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Ottawa, Ontario on 2016-07-19 22:00:00 - It was far brighter and larger than any normal star or planet in the night sky, yet much smaller than the moon.

I was walking home from landsdowne park at night along bank street, crossing over a bridge on the pedestrian sidewalk next to traffic. i felt compelled to look up into the sky and saw the orb. at first, i thought the object might have been venus but it was far too large and glowing. i did not see it move in any direction. this was not my first ufo sighting, so i did not feel compelled to stand there and observe too closely. i also saw it following a lot of synchronicities. i also do not typically carry electronics on my person. i took my eyes off it because i was walking along a bridge with heavy traffic and was more concerned about my physical safety in my present location. nearing the bottom of the bridge, i encountered some shrubbery that obscured my line of sight. when i looked up again, the glowing orb had completely disappeared from the night sky. i felt that i wasn't alone and was just curious which extraterrestrial visitor it was because i had seen other ufos before. i wanted to know if this was the same group extraterrestrials or individual. nearing home along some green space, i saw a great blue heron take flight. i have seen a lot of great blue herons lately with the synchronicities. i felt very calm and peaceful. when i arrived home, i received a phone call from my brother and i told him about the sighting. he said it may have been a helicopter, but i said that it was far too bright and far too high in the sky to have been one. this is my first ufo report to mufon after having attended the ace 2017 conference in toronto. i do not have any digital evidence of what i saw, unfortunately. if i were to sketch the object, it would just be a ball of fuzzy light above the cityscape at night. it was extremely bright, though, like white fire, not just fuzzy.

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Credit: MUFON

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