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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Bletchley, England on 2017-06-13 10:35:00 - Huge flying object appeared just below clouds, looked like a shadow but seemed solid, it was flying when it appeared as if from nowhere, disappered as it hit blue sky then re appeared as it hit cloud again in distance, was completely unnerving.

Was sitting in my garden looking at the red kite birds of prey that were flying up high as it was a hot morning and they like to fly up with the thermals, suddenly and from out of nowhere appeared a chevron/ boomerang shaped craft just bellow the grey cloud a bit forward of where i was sitting, at first (split second) i thought it was a huge shadow of some sort of aircraft or giant microlight, it was a bit darker than the grey cloud but its edges were perfectly sharp, not as if it was blurred by clouds but it only had this perfect shape, no bits sticking out and no pattern or markings. as i spotted it, it was in motion from the start (this thing was huge!) it flew in a straight line over my head, i shot from my chair to see it flying some more and when it hit blue sky it completely disappeared only to reappear when it was under the cover (but not in) another cloud far in the distance?? this thing was nothing i had ever seen before and was not some aircraft that we know of (well, not me anyway) in this world, it made me feel very frightened as it was so big and didn't seem earthly! i went in the house and couldn't stop shaking for about 20 mins and felt very spooked by the whole thing. i have always looked at films and heard stories of ufo's but always took them with a pinch of salt but now i have seen this with my own eyes!!! other people i have told obviously don't believe what i saw, but i know what i saw and my partner wishes he had seen it because he is quite a believer.

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Credit: MUFON

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