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Wednesday, June 28, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Colton, California on 2017-06-27 00:00:00 - Sky appeared unusual at first, too many bright stars, then some started to move

This morning, june 27, 2017, at approximately 0400 hrs, i had been talking on the phone and was preparing to go to bed. i went outside for a moment to enjoy the cool air. my brother was outside having a cigarette. i looked up to the clear, cloudless sky and the first thing i said to my brother is that the stars were not ‘right’. i proceeded to turn off the patio light and walk to the backyard grass and began to look at the stars. i told my brother the patterns just did not look right to me. there were too many bright stars. perhaps a few minutes later, one of the ‘stars’ began to move toward the north. before we lost visual sight of this moving ‘star’, and additional brightly lit object began moving in the same direction as other. it was moving as if it could have been the ‘wingman’ to the first object. the two white objects dimmed and vanished into the night. before i was able to finally stop observing the spectacle in the night sky, approximately nine to ten of these objects were observed by me and my brother. the objects were not limited to any area or direction. at one point there were three of these ‘stars’ that all began to move at once in the southwest sky, in the region over our garage. the objects all went in different directions. never before in all of my nights of stargazing have i seen this many unknown objects begin moving in so many directions. it was the most unusual. i would dismiss these objects off simply as satellites, however, most if not all of the objects observed started out in appearance as a normal star in the night sky. it was then the movement of the object that was observed. of the objects observed, about half started out as bright as the brightest stars in the sky. they went from sitting stationary to a slow movement in a given direction. there were a few objects that took off at a much quicker rate of speed. in some instances, the sense of moment was perceived which caused my attention to be drawn to the object. i was under the impression that the object would begin to move in one direction, the slowly drift in another direction, and then simply seem to choose a direction, and proceed to go until it faded into the sky. i am tending to believe the objects which were observed were likely drones. no engine sound was heard. all of them appeared white in the sky. one of the objects observed came almost overhead. as i stated it started out bright and appeared to be of decent size (close to aspirin size at its brightest). the only way i can best describe this object is that it appeared to be illuminated, with such appearance of a star. as it moved across the sky to almost overhead, that illumination ceased, yet the object was still observable. i made the comment to my brother that it appeared that the object began reflecting the light from the ground and that was what was making it visible for a short time. it eventually vanished after a few seconds. i went into the house at approximately 0430 hours. during the time spent observing these objects, approximately five airlines flew by in their normal flight paths. in the midst of these observations, a low flying helicopter went from south to the mountains in the north. the helicopter sounded like a military type and was emitting a very bright red flashing light. i would estimate its altitude at roughly two thousand feet. (i have flown in helicopters before) it was traveling at a relatively fast rate of speed.

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Credit: MUFON

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