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Saturday, June 3, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Naples, Florida on 2000-05-31 00:00:00 - Saw an object moving across sky then hovered above my house for 3 days seen at night and daytime

I was at my home watching a movie with my wife. when the movie was over i went to my back lanai to have a cigarette. i was looking into the sky and noticed what i thought was a satellite. it was fairly bright like the iss as it passed. i was excited to see it as i rarely have seen satellites so clear and large. then, it stopped for a few seconds and began to back up. after a few more seconds it began to zig zag back and forth in a slow but controlled pattern, before coming to a stop. it looked to be pulsating or spinning very fast, a bright ball of light that was stationary. i looked at it with my telescope but it didn't look any different than with my naked eye. i called my wife over to look at this object which was now stationary. she could easily see it, as it looked similar to the stars that were out that night. i explained to her how it was moving and then backed up, zig zagged, and then stopped to where it was at the time i showed it to her. she could tell i was excited but also concerned as i couldn't explain or imagine what this could be. my wife suggested i call nasa which i did. it was approximately 11 pm or 1130 pm but i was hoping she would suggest i call. i was certain that this should be reported. i looked up the local nasa phone number in our phone book. this was the year 2000 so it was before smart phones. i called the number and the call was answered by a woman. i told her my name, my address, and described to her exactly what i saw and could still see in the sky. she responded that this was more than likely a satellite and that they are commonly reported as ufos. i asked her directly. can a satellite stop, back up, zig zag, and then become stationary? i knew the answer was no but wanted to hear it from her. she said no that's not possible. i explained that this is exactly what i just witnessed and i can see it hovering like a pulsating star as i spoke to her on the phone. i could tell she wanted to dismiss my call, but thanked me for my call. she didn't seem startled or even interested in what i was telling her on the phone. we then hung up. i looked at this object at least 3 more times that night before going to bed. the next day to my complete shock i could still see this object in complete daylight. it continued to look like it was spinning very fast or pulsating but wasn't omitting any light during the daytime. for 3 days and 3 nights i observed this object above my home. and on the 4th day it was gone and i never saw it again. i wish that this is all the info i had on our experiences. but this was just the first thing that we noticed. over the course of the next few weeks, my wife and i were having the exact same dream that we were somehow paralyzed in bed but were fully aware and calm with our eyes open. and that disco lights were seen turning on the walls of our bedroom. and then maybe once or twice a month i would wake up with my wife upset at me for having blades of grass al in the bed. all over the sheets and attached to my legs as if i had walked around in the yard for a while and just climbed back into bed. i have never sleep walked and have never to this day since sleep walked. after a few weeks more my wife had discovered during the day at work that she remembered a dream that happened to her the night before. she was on a spaceship with small alien beings surrounding her. she was sitting in a dentist chair and the beings were speaking to her in demanding voices but not moving their mouths. demanding that she stick out her finger. of course she was afraid to but they kept demanding she do it. when she remembered her dream she was at work the next day moving a shelf and bumped her finger. it was a normal bump but it caused her an overwhelming amount of pain for such a common amount of force. she looked at her finger and saw that something was lodged under her fingernail and that's what caused so much pain. the pain itself is what caused her to remember the dream as she had no recollection of this dream prior to bumping her finger. they had implanted something under her index finger nail and she showed it to me. i have no recollection of being on a space ship or seeing an alien. my only encounter was seeing this object in the sky, having the same recurring dream as my wife and waking up looking as if i walked around outside in the grass and got back into bed. i would swear on a stack of bibles that these events occurred and none of this has been created in my mind. i'm sure if you ask my wife she would attest to the same even though we have been divorced for a few years.

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Credit: MUFON

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