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Sunday, June 18, 2017

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Black Triangle Sighting in Eunice, Louisiana on 2017-06-12 21:15:00 - Took dog out , saw what i thought was a full moon coming through tree tops notice something like small light next to what i thought was moon, was moving up, called wife to come see this bright light that was moving over tree tops

At 9:15 pm i went out the back door to bring dog out before bed. right away i notice what i thought to be a full moon coming up at the treetops in the tree line on east side of house. after i put dog down looking at what i thought was a full moon i notice a small point of light at the right side of what i thought was a full moon as i looked on i notice 3 bright lights over or at tree tops but could not hear no sound from it,then as i looked trying to figure out what i was looking at , it started to bank but never turned kinda like tilting but not changing position, that's when i called my wife an son to come see this . my wife came as it started to move very slow across back yard trees at this time i notice a smaller light trailing the bigger ones as it moved across i could tell the lights were in a triangluler pattern, my wife says "look another one coming up, as i took my eyes off of the one with small light trailing it ,i look to see another one coming up from same place where the other lights came from . it followed the same path as the first one with the trailing small light, it was really big but no sound . don't under stand how something so big moving so slow has no sound . also my wife took pictures on her phone an video but it doesn't look as clear as it did when we watched it . my boy asked what is it ....As lights moved westward then north. someone else must have seen this

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Credit: MUFON

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