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Friday, June 16, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Austin, Texas on 2017-06-01 18:35:00 - I woke up from a nap , felt inclined to shoot video of sun reflecting off lake tarvis

I awoke suddenly from a nap, strangely still groggy i felt i need to take a video shot of the sun and it's reflection over the lake travis. being a retired professional vidographer i normaly would have planned out a hooby shoot better. i do videos for fun and post on my facebook page but i really fetl impelled to do this shot before i was not fully awake from my nap, still groggy. i don't think this was related to artifact and lens flare. i will provide raw footage attached. curiously you will see what appears to be a military aircrafe nearby form the altitude if i am correct in my observation. it seemed way to high for commercial clearance flight altitude. at 6 to 7 seconds in, upper left just above the sun you will see a metallic object reflecting off the sun, pass in front of the sun's brightness, its reflection then is overcome by the sun's brightness until the object reappears below to the lower left and then takes a 30 to 35° jog to the right. for those who are not professional videographers like myself, a bug in front of your lens is black and cannot reflect off the sun like a metallic object. birds/bugs flying in front of your lens will be black. space rocks and satellites do not maneuver like that, it's against the laws of physics, their trajectories are set in motion and can't deviate! the military does navigate their satellites, they can change direction, never in the way you see in the video. could be coincidence but the altitude of the aircraft to the upper right means that it is military. notice that you can see contrail but not reflection off its airframe, because it's so small compared to the ufo. have fun everyone! i have 15 years professional experience as a videographer/ photographer.10 years of which, was with cox communications. i know what artifact is. if you want to be a denier you need to come up with something good. and i will listen. you will see a lens flare which is obvious and normal in a lens as one pans up into the sun. a lens flair follows the direction of your pan movement. the ufo comes down from above in opposite direction of the lens movement and lens flare up. also the speed of the object down, is faster than the lens flare up. keep your curser on pause button to click, to stop and review. i have additional pan movements, in same take, with lens flare moving with the pan up, but no object coming down in frame like this. also object continues it's variable trajectory down, after pan and lens movement stops.

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Credit: MUFON

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