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Saturday, June 17, 2017

New 2015 UFO Sighting

UFO Sighting in Worcester, Massachusetts on 2017-04-09 21:28:00 - 2nd sighting of white star like orbs/disc shaped ufo's hovering above the tree line

At approximately 9:15 pm on sunday april 9th i looked out my front window facing east, and saw the circular shaped white lights. i observed them for several hours on and off. i have seen these objects before near my home, but this time there were 2 of them. from the window, one appeared on the left and one on the right, it's hard to judge distance between them, but i snapped photos this time. they look like stars at first but then they slowly hover but stay in the same spot. i saw different colored lights on the bottom of the objects. the only way i can describe this, is that it looked like blinking octopus tentacles moving underneath the object in different colors. i was frustrated about not being able to get video, but i have a few short clips. the first time i had seen one of them, i said to myself, that is not a plane or helicopter because it hovers and stays stationary. it was around 6 pm ( it had just gotten dark) and i watched it for awhile standing outside of my car. it was facing slightly south, not quite the back of the house, but on the side looking at it from the driveway. i just said to myself, hmmm, strange, i wonder what that could be and i went into the house. later that night (i don't remember the date) i was awoken at approximately 2 am, my bed actually shook and i heard an extremely loud rumbling. i stumbled to my window (south facing) looked out and saw one of those huge black army helicopters (a black hawk?) it looked like the helicopters seen in vietnam footage, the doors were open, it was completely black and flew right past my home going southwest i believe (i'm not great with a sense of direction) it was so close, i couldn't believe my eyes. it felt like an earthquake almost as it went by. it scared the daylights out of me. this sighting i believe was in october or november of 2016. both sightings i saw either a plane or helicopter passing the object. back to april 9th. one of the objects, the one on the right (i would say higher than the tree line) blinked and disappeared several times. i saw a chemtrail ( i notice many chemtrails during the day but never at night) directly pass the object horizontally and the sky in that area turned a light gray. the object faded in and out. the objects sometimes appeared to be rectangle in shape as seen in the photos. several hours later i checked to see if they were still there and to my surprise both were almost directly over my house. i was struggling to see them from the window looking up, that's how much closer they had moved in that time (perhaps 3 hours went by) the window faces east. they stayed in the same positions with the distance between them one on the left and one on the right but had moved so much closer. i was excited to see this and for a 2nd time. i was shocked when i saw the photos, because there is no denying what i had seen was real. i am hoping they come back.

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Credit: MUFON

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