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Saturday, June 24, 2017

New 2015 UFO Sighting

UFO Sighting in Hong Kong, on 2017-06-13 00:00:00 - Same one encountered in 2015

As earlier reported in email to mufon hk, following submitted to news editor south china morning post on 25 june 2017 <<<< photo showing a ufo, or as we pros in the business prefer to call them, uap or aap taken on the evening of 13 june about 2000 hrs looking due north (000 degrees) from the terrace of rhkyc. the phenomenon, seen just to the right of the highest building in frame is what is known as a ‘skyglow’ and was, as determined a day or so later, centered directly over lion rock, as seen from rhkyc (second picture). no, it was not reflected buildings lights on cloudbase (3d picture). a number of other members of rhkyc witnessed the skyglow. you may recall that the 13 th was the evening after ts merbok briefly put up the t8 before fizzling out and drifting off east after passing just about straight over top of us (4th picture). coincidence? i think not. the evening of the 13th was marked at rhkyc by the annual electoral general meeting and an even more remarkable event, an unprecedented number of sightings of live rats scampering about the occupied areas of the club amongst the members and guests. i saw two myself and there were reports of at least three or four more startling the feasting revellers on the new and beautiful maindeck facility. this is not just unusual, it is unknown. rats do not generally choose to appear in inhabited areas unless driven out of their refuges by something they find untenable. interestingly enough, animal disturbance is a common feature of ‘real’ anomalous events, as is disturbance to electronic devices. my casio watch (the rolex is in the shop) and samsung phone both exhibited some rather bizarre behaviour during the event. a couple of days later i also found it interesting to note a strange device, purportedly some sort of feng shui mechanism in the corner of the office of a senior member of club staff, directly in line with the line of sight to the event as recorded from the terrace. see last photo. on the weekend following, a prominent yachtsmen related seeing what he considered an unusual number of dead rats floating in the harbour to the east of rhkyc “at least 15” he said. as of the 20th the hko had received no other reports but informed me they had seen no radiation spikes. they do not routinely record magnetic data. on the evening of the event, arriving home at about 0200 in the early hours of 14 june, a home made magnetic anomaly detection device of my own design, was recording a very strong magnetic anomaly at bearing 110 degrees approximately. if the anomaly departed lion rock, perhaps coincidentally at about the time the rhkyc closed down for the evening, this would put it well out to sea southeast of hk and interestingly enough, the nearest landfall in that direction would appear to be bolivia. i have no idea what to make of this. what would really be interesting is: a) to find out if there are any contemporaneous records of magnetic anomalies between the hours of about 1600 on the 12th when merbok made landfall and perhaps 0200 on the 14th when this aap appears to have gone elsewhere. hku? hkust? b) to find any other witness to the skyglow – security cameras, unusual events recorded by residents in the lion rock area? c) anything else weird: cop reports from the area, hikers, ag and fish having to chase pythons down fei ngo shan road, that sort of thing. anyone who wishes to add to or help solve this serious mystery should send all he has to hko (who are charged with recording such events in hk) and is more than welcome to send any information deemed relevant to mufonhk@gmail.Com who are charged, through the global mission statement of the mutual ufo network at www.Mufon.Com, with the scientific investigation of ufos. what was it? durned good question. what did it want? who’s to say? as a proud long term member of rhkyc perhaps they were stopping by to look into absent – extremely absent – membership? they’ll need two proposers. neither management nor club officers have informed me of any such enquiry, nor likely to should such eventuate i might add.

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Credit: MUFON

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