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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Los Angeles, California on 1997-03-13 00:00:00 - Saw this in calif, no such reports but was later documented in arizona, i saw line-up, over mountain and separate cluster to the west facing beach.

This isn't my first sighting, but one of the most bizarre and detailed because i noted it in a journal and the date was the same as the arizona occurrence. i saw at least 7 to a dozen ufo's from two sides, two separate sightings in the same evening, off our balcony. one toward east pasadena 10 fwy, and one around 7:30 pm prior, over venice, west, almost directly above me. the formation looked like an enlarged cassiopia, disappeared after ten minutes in the blink of an eye. i then looked around and noticed the pasadena direction over the crest of the mountains behind our building, and that's when the formation of 7-12 more objects, all the same size, same distance apart, one by one went up on the mountain and then same, went down one by one til none were seen. what i saw occurred in arizona that exact night, and hour, how could i be seeing it in southern california??? i finally felt it should be reported because nobody seems to notice what i saw. on a separate note, i have seen an alien twice in my life and my mother and two stepmother, without co riding in anyone but me, said my dad was strange in his sleep, attracted floodlight white lights so blaring and a loud humming like helicopter wings, that all three women thought they'd lost their minds. i myself was witness to this event in 1978 or 19u9, on a christmas vacation toppin reno. i didn't see lights or anything, i saw an alien of reptilian look, slender, typical description. it telepathically asked me or told me to walk away and leave, which i did, but remembered fully the next morning and for which my father had no recollection as in every case surrounding the wives' accounts, my father was not able to wake up when they tried to wake him. i met another alien but prefer not to discuss in detail, lets just say i was visited for about two weeks, and he was friendly and appeared to be human in looks. he also contacted and spoke to me without use of his mouth bit also spoke perfect english and gave me something andi neverbeen came back. i lost the article, which resembled nothing i've seen, it was a large seed like an acorn but nothing like an acorn. it has round shape and little porcupine like body, size was about a quarter or nickel. he appeared out of the blue in places i'd be at, as if to just watch me or look out for me, very kind, and very human, but he wasn't, and he communicated as much non verbally. i've seen other strange things, but these are what stand out the most. i did see a lot of activity in san diego when i lived there, and once even reported a ufo, hovered over us in the car, on top of mt. soledad. i contacted the radio stations and they all laughed asking what i'd been drinking. so, i tend to not report this stuff.

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Credit: MUFON

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