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Tuesday, June 6, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Southern River, Western Australia on 2017-06-06 08:09:00 - Leaving to take kids to school when we saw a chemtrail. i took 2 photos. saw the orb when looking at the photos

I reversed out of the carport as i was taking my children to school - just like every other weekday. i looked behind me as i was reversing then for some reason i looked up. i saw a chemtrail. i stopped my car (still in the driveway), i got out my phone and took 2 photo's. i took 2 because with the first photo i had the flash on. i put my phone away and took the kids to school as normal. after dropping them off went to the shops and upon my return home i saw a second chemtrail so i took a photo of that one too. once inside i had a look at the photos i took as it's not often you see a full moon, chemtrail and sun in one photo. when i was looking at the second photo i saw the green circle at the top of the photo. at first i thought it was a reflection from my camera and perhaps the angle of my phone when i took the second photo. i then zoomed in the photo to see that this green disc/orb is nothing like i have ever seen before. it also has a wider ring with what appears to be smaller rings within.I cannot explain this shape being in the sky at all. i then took a much closer look at first photo (flash on) as there is no physical green disc/orb. but in the approx same area i pretty sure i can see a white sort of circle with smaller circles within. but i am not sure so i am hoping mufon can help with this. i am unsure as to how long the object stayed there because i returned to driving my children to school.

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Credit: MUFON

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