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Wednesday, June 7, 2017

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Black Triangle Sighting in Los Angeles, California on 2016-11-15 00:00:00 - Just an update of things i remember

Hi this is me again. i mostly just checked off the boxes because i want to mostly write here the things that i remember. so in my first report, the boxes i checked off would be more accurate. i mostly just want to spend my time writing this. i have no where else to turn and i need to let these things out. everyone else thinks this is just a delusion or such but it isn't. this is information you need to know desperately because the worlds fate depends on it. well i had mentioned about this main boss he is a orange reddish color. he is very tall. i still have a lot of trauma about the event and i fear every night going to bed that they will come back and take me. when i was taken before at some times, the people were nice to me and things were ok. but it was this last event. i am going to let you know what i was told. well heres my story. i grew up with my dad. my father is from louisiana. his birthday is 4/20 the same day as hitler. my life was so pure and good as a child, you know the innocence, happiness and joy in every little thing you feel. one day when my mother wasn't home and my father was left to babysit me. my dad got angry for no reason out of nowhere. i just was playing with my dog and because my dog barked he got really mad. he picked me up and grabbed me and i was so scared. i always was very scared of my dad he was like a tyrant when he would yell me and my brother would be in great fear and me and my brother were very close. so next thing i know he picks me up and takes me to the fridge in the kitchen and he has a bottle of beer and i was just a little girl maybe about 4 or 5. he said it was okay and i told him that i didn't think it was okay because i was a little girl. he said no it was okay and then he gave me a lot of it like. next thing i know i guess i was drunk. i couldn't move well and was feeling really like woozy. he picked me up and laid me onto the bed him and my mom shared and he started to take my clothes off and took off his clothes. i told him no no no and i was pushing him away i tried to fight the best that i could i kept on fighting and he kept on holding me down it was horrible. i was scared for my life. i knew i couldn't get away and then the next thing i knew it was as though i went into a different world. like i wasn't there like in a trance. only bits and pieces would flash. i believe it was dissociation which is what i didn't realize until later. afterwards i felt the most dirty horrible feeling after he molested me. my whole spirit broke completely. the happy girl i once was with joy was over. i was like a robot feeling almost afterwards. i asked him what i was suppose to do? i told him i was going to tell him someone. he said you better not dare tell anyone and he threatened me. i was horrified. absolutely horrified. he said if anyone asks you , you say your uncle ( my uncle from my moms family who i am close to) did it. i felt so confused. after the incident i just went to lay down in my bed. i just stared into blank space it was as though i was somewhere else in my mind like blank. my mother had always mentioned how i would just lay on my bed for hours and daydream. i just would be in a blank state. i didn't even know what to do. i felt i couldn't tell my mother at all about it i just was so scared. i spent most of my childhood in a dream world. not even knowing what was a dream and what was real. that incident was made to feel like a dream due to the dissociation. i was so young just a little girl i told my grandma my uncle did that to me. i have soooo much anger towards my father for telling me to do that and due to the confusion of the dissociation i thought infact that my uncle did. my father had done some sort of spells i believe he binded a demon to me. i have also a feeling something happened to my brother. he had been locked in the bathroom with my father. i was so angry that day i banged on the door so hard i kept on trying to open the door it was as though i was going to break the door down i was so angry because i wanted to protect my brother the way he protected me always and the day that incident did happen he did try to get me out of that room. my dad locked the door in the bathroom with my brother and i don't even know what happened. my brother has mentioned he did see demons at night in the old house. many times i would wake up with bloody noses. he would also get many many bloody noses too and we didn't know what was the cause. i mostly would get a bloody nose in the middle of the night and i had very intense dreams. i would suffer many nightmares and always have to wake up and go sleep in the bed with my mom. i have read about with dissociation demons being binded by magic by a parent. my father was very abusive to all of us. my father left when i was younger and after that the house was covered in black mold, we would always see large cockroaches. the house was inhabitable. we were going to get a better house but he ruined that for us by spending the money. he also had scammed some people out of a car, he didn't pay them the rest of the money. being a kid i was in such a dissociation i never knew i wasn't alone with these things. my father was also a raging alcoholic and he has used drugs in the past. i have many repressed memories and it can be difficult. i always knew that the things happening to me weren't right but i was in fear for i was told how bad foster care was, and threatened. my father would also give us these very strict religious talks and if we even smiled he would get so angry and scream at us so badly. it was crazy cause the things hes doing not very christian eh? ok so that's my past, that's i grew up. never ever once felt loved. he didn't pay child support and we really struggled. ok so that is my past, that whole thing destroyed me and my spirit. i believed strong in god though and really into my catholic faith. we never went to church but i did love when we use to go to church as a family but one day we stopped. i still always kept the faith and good values my mom taught me and that i knew were right. my mom did good teaching me good values. so fast forward to the event which happened. when i was aboard the ship, the reddish dragon or whichever, i'm just going to call him dragon. he stood by while i was beaten up by people on the spaceship. they did some kind of rays or whichever alien power they use to harm me. they did like a blast and i fell to the ground. i remember trying to fight him back and he did a really powerful something that harmed me so badly i was knocked out or whichever. i then remember him carrying me in his arms and then he started to talk to me. he said that the things i was doing was wrong in my life and i do admit i was doing some wrong things. i was drinking too much due to the loss of the job i had which he caused. and had dealt with drinking to numb the pain of being molested so i was really depressed. he explained to me i was wrong and that i was wrong for not going out into the world and living my life. i told him how can i go out and life my life when you send so many people to follow me and harass me all day. he said that he just couldn't help it, he said he was possessive of me and didn't want me to do anything with my life. he said i'm not allowed to work, i'm not allowed to have love in this lifetime, i'm not allowed to make friends and he said he was taking everything away from me. he showed me things of me being in a car accident that he said that was how he would kill me. he said he would chop off my arm which made me scared. he told me this was heaven and i said, no this could not be. this isn't heaven. i knew something wasn't right. he argued and explained that he wrote the bible, he said that jesus doesn't exist. he said that they created jesus. he said that the rules of the bible aren't right. he said that they created everything, the oceans, the animals, the fish and the sea. he said they operate all the animals remote control basically up there. he said that the life we are living is just like all basically remote control and they control everything that happens in our lives every aspect. they said they cause car accidents, all the diseases, chaos. he named everything that happens is thru them. he said i would not get into heaven that it was too late for me because of wearing colorful clothes i wasn't going to get there. i told him that i didn't believe that was true i am a very good person, i help others i do not do evil things. he explained to me that i am worth a lot due to my physic powers. they did tests to test my powers and i did pass the tests. but the truth is the powers that i have, they come from god. he shows me all these things when i pray. he has given me the gift. god gives me signs. he explained that up there in his domain they use voodoo, black magic and he said they were going to do all those things to me. he said i was too good in spirit my heart was too good and that they want me dead. i was just in tears. he told me that he comes to earth to spend time with me and each time he does that i push him away. he showed me all the people he came to earth as, the people in my past or whichever who were friends. he sent girls with blue eyes and blond hair to befriend me. one of the girls tried to get with another girls boyfriend. i stopped being their friends because they were doing some mean things or whichever. he told me that i was in the wrong for doing that. another girl he sent in highschool was very big into wicca. he mostly is angry right now because i do not want to talk to the one girl because she makes fun of me and stuff like that. i told him that this isn't the way. this stuff is evil and that's not right. he said i do not dare tell him what is right. i told him that it isn't right to mess with my jobs, my life, my relationships and careers. my whole life ive never been able to make one good friend because he has always came and interfered. or if there was a job opportunity he would ruin it for me. he wants me basically to be at home all day 24/7. he said that i do not need to work that i just need to focus on survival skills because they are going to impose fema camps to kill everyone. he said that there is going to be a big disaster, earthquakes, all the power will go out and everything(they control all the electronics he says, its their technology). he said that i will learn survival skills and did many tests on me for what to do in the situations. i was told i will go to the mountains and he will come up and get me. the main exercise was me climbing up a mountain so he could take me up there by the ufo craft. he said that all this destruction was going to happen because he needed to get a hold of this important tablet which is in jerusalem so he could reset the world before the other race of aliens got it. i am not sure if he said it was the assyrians or the names. he mentioned many different races and i was drugged with whatever so i coudnt fully remember. he said that if they get the tablet that they will bring out loads of huge evil creatures that are like over 20 ft huge monsters, take over the world and completely destroy everything. he said that he needed to take some of my power so that he could try to make the world better. i told him i don't feel that what he is doing is making the world better. he said they control the weather as well. they shapeshift a ton and many of the people on the craft would shapeshift and i was taught a word which would cause them to shapeshift. now heres were it gets crazy. he told me he hated me and was so angry at me because i had sex with another man. he said i was suppose to only ever have sex with him my whole life and that i was suppose to wait for him. i told him that i cant life my life like this. i told him that due to the molestation i made mistakes after my virginity was stolen because i was confused and i had dealt with a rape when i was 17. i told him it really messed me up. he treated me as though i was impure but you know what he then said. he said that he was my father. and he said that i should speak to my father. he said that he comes down and has taken the form of my father. he said the reason he left was due to his military job stuff. my father is a compulsive liar. i had no idea he was working a military job. but he was gone since i was 6 and he never spent time with me or my brother only one rare days. he would take the money for us and go use it to spend on other women dates and things. i noticed that these abductions began again the time i realized my father molested me in my 20s. i think he is revengeful and wants revenge because i realized this. i have not told anyone about this but i have gotten threats if i do he will murder me possibly. that's when he threated to chop my arm off and such. he told me that the world is running out of resources as well as for aliens too.He said he would come down in other forms and go on dates with me which have just a been a joke. he came down as one guy and i could tell he had been modified. he could barely walk and acted like something was very wrong. he was very cruel to me. where he lived was in long beach which is where my father lived. these pieces have all come together. he said he was taking the form of trump as well too that he has to go get that tablet so he can reset the world. he said if he reset the world things would go back to how they were the natural world which jesus lived, all plants, animals, trees, nature and the things i believed. he said that they feed on all our negative emotions and he said that when i don't show emotions it makes them very angry because then they cant survive. he said i cant be happy all the time. i believe that this man is using the body form of donald trump as well because that is what he mentioned to me. he mentioned to me that the reason mexicans and some other races were mean to me was because i was of some macedonian or babylonian race. he said that i wasn't black and that i was really celtic too. he said many things. he would explain more of my past life casue there wasn't much time. this mans jealousy is absolutely crazy! to prevent all these things in peoples lives and cause all this turmoil. they have also caused my job to not go well doing deliveries and will purposefully do tatics. he is a bully and he is a taurus. he likes to gang up on me, have people gang up on people. i fear for anyone else who he has hurt. i am sure he is confusing millions of people to follow him as a god when he is not god! he also once had me given me an dnc procedure which was very painful. he also showed me these blood baths which i guess is used to take a bath up there is a vile of blood i think it comes from cattle. i pray to god each day and hope he hears me. this dragon has gone as far as to start to destroy my one and only family i ever had. mother earth. he knows the park that i love and he has gone there and caused absolute destruction. he has killed the trees, the grass, the plants. there is no more food now for the animals. the trees are bending over and splitting, dying. the park i once knew and loved is now a barren wasteland. he has made it so that you cannot go on trails there is so much brush and all dead plants. every plant is dead and trees have been snapped by the top of the branches. i have photos of this which i will send in an email. the trees have also got bark pulled down off them and i see very large like claw nail marks. my heart is broken. these animals and plants are part of my family and i love them. he wants to take that away. he also wants to take away the clean air in france, that's why he is doing what he is doing. it breaks me to pieces. he has also done much to gardens, my garden no longer flourishes and i am a great garden. other gardeners aren't having much luck either. this man has done so much destruction. my fathers bday is 4/20. i believe that hilter never died, he has shapeshifted to another being which is donald trump. one thing he explained to me was how each time he would send those friends down that when i didn't want to be friends with them they would die. and he said that he can only do so much so many times of recreating himself in different forms. he said he is now super old now due to me and that i have aged him. he blames me that he is aged or whichever. i just was like whoa wow. he ever showed me how the mini white horses they turn into humans. aka hyrids. i believe his plan is to unleash all of these unto earth in a very short while because many are already here and they keep on popping up. this is pure evil and those who follow him have no idea that this man is going to turn his back on them. he is a liar! he is going to turn his back on all his followers. i knew if i fell for his trick id be in for it, but jesus he is there and he showed me the truth. he believes that we all owe him for all the electronics, advanced technology etc which has really brought this country down to pieces. facebook, all of it. he told me the only way to fight it was to stay off all online all phones and to get some orgonite. he said it repels them. but it doesn't seem it does because he was holding it right in his hand. he said the phone i use will microwave me basically and he said he will put radiation in all foods, everything. i was in san fransico which i suppose is near the devils lake and house of lucifer and i was poisoned at the hotel i was eating at. the whole city had a dark feeling, the airport had ouija boards. i could just sense darkness all around me. this man also is a complete gambling addict, he is scamming people out of money. he has had the insurance company scam me out of money causing me many many issues. he works alongside with the police and every government program to mess things up for me. he changes the dates of stuff so the suspension i had years ago is still on my record. he keeps constantly having bunches of rental cars follow me each and every place i go. sometimes i will have like 10 rental cars infront of and behind me. as well as cars with front tinted windows and black license plates. he has also brought properties so the property next door to myhouse he is using as an airbnb to harass by sending people to make loud noise, scream at night when he knows i'm trying to sleep and study my bible. he has also gotten into my room at night. he had told me to go to michigan. which is where the biggest luciferian church is i read. all the areas which are mentioned are places with the church of lucifer. i cant sit by and watch all these people possibly get hurt and i know for sure he is probably hurting others. i am sure he has scammed many and scammed many out of money, their lifes, harassing them. he is also using tatics to cause chest pain to people, i could feel like a needle type chest pain, its especially at night when i know he is active. i could feel a feeling in the back of my head a severe pain, teeth pain, fibromyalgia type pain. he has caused me pain 24/7. lately he has caused me to be unable to sleep well because he knows that i am fighting back now thati realize all this and realize this has to be stopped. he wants all humans dead, and he wants other alien races dead. he hates jesus christ with a vengeance. i may be killed for being a believer. i fear that this man may hurt many other innocent children. my prayers have been strong that everyone and everthing is kept safe. i get many covert threats, like that he will firstly nuke california, hurt me, gruesome things. he likes to make fun of my body size and make fun of me, he loves to see people hurt it makes him laugh. i am glad jesus helped me to recall these memories so i can get the word out. please please please, anyone please stop this man. he has hurt too many people and too many things. i know that there are people who know these things are wrong as well and they want to speak out and get away from him too but he puts them in fear or threatens to kill them. don't be afraid,jesus is always there and he is watching even though he seems far away.For a minute this man made me believe that jesus would not ever come and id never go to heaven but it is a mind control thing he ususes because he implanted a needle in the middle of my head and that's when all these things popped up. if i get any more details i will let you guys know. this man is pure evil he wants control of everything and everyone. please hear me out and if you can help me would be greatly appreciated. this man is making the plants the animals starve, murdering them taking away their resources too. he told me he plans to take away all the resources from me and i soon will never have anything to be able to survive. he said he will take money and everything from everyone. thank you so much for hearing me out. i will also try to send the pictures of park he destroyed. i also just recently tried to get a job at share organization to be able to give therapy to others and try to help out people. he set it up so i was greeted by some very cold workers and ignored. he has prevented jobs for me because he knows i can make a difference and help people do the best in their lives and be happy as possible. he knows i have that power and he wants it stopped. he wants no one to be able to heal from pain or hurt. i also do work online doing volunteering to help those in need on 7 cup support site. he messaged me with severe anger once i helped some people with their problems. he said i treat these people like their my friends when they are really not and some very jealous stuff. this man is a monster! i truly care about peoples problems because of going thru all this, torture, abuse, rape molestation, and then going thru moments of alcoholism which i overcame, and overcame all those things, which i felt so alone in because i grew up with a father like this that was never there for me and never loved me. my goal is to help people feel not alone, because feeling alone is the worst feeling if you are going thru these things. i grew up a very depressed and angry child due to all of this. i am willing to volunteer unpaid because money means nothing to me. but i still do need to have a job to be able to help my mom with food, my family and stuff like that but he prevents. he wants to use my money to gamble which is why he has me being overcharged thru insurance and things like that. it is really depressing. but somehow god always works things out for me. i lately have just been praying. i pray that his man stops this. this is horrible and i pray that he is never allowed any children, animals, nature. the earth is precious and i am sharing my story because i am fighting for the people, the animals, the nature, the earth. thank you so much for hearing me out. one more thing, they also put chips into me, i don't know if i mentioned that in the other report i am sure i did but they also put me into a black box thing and it was as though i was still awake it was scary. he then told me one thing as well, he told me that he was going to do many evil things and use my identity. he said there was another one of me and that she was with the guy i liked and basically that it was a clone of me. he said that my name would be slandered all over online, which he already has. he mentioned that he would make my reputation terrible, he has told every business i go to many lies about me and things that are untrue and people give me terrible looks. he said that i also am full of diseases and stuff they caused me and that i have an adrenal problem. he said that on earth we just portay all the things we have and that only others can see these things and that i couldn't see them on myself. he said also when i go out i am displayed as an alien and that only other aliens can see me. he also did something to my eye where he put like a needle in it or something i believe its so he can make it so i cant see things or something. sometimes i go past people and its as though they don't see me. he also is able to i believe make people appear cloaked as invisble so i cannot see them. i once met a person that i was going to be friends with who worked at a store and next thing i know he wasn't working their anymore. i believe he is firing innocent people from jobs too if they are friendly with me, because he is so jealous and hateful. he also has taken all the businesses i go to and he has rehired people to work there that come from him that are very evil and rude or give me looks. he purposely has done this and he uses his money to do this. i worry for any other innocent people he has hurt this way and made go hungry and not able to take care of their families. he also sends cars to cut me off on the road and almost crash into me, people to follow me around the store and not in a good way, like get close to me like too close. he has sent someone to be infront of my house and cuss obsensities at me out of nowhere as well. i believe he is the set up the gangstalking all over america. i know when hes involved in stuff because i will be on hold for a very long time while he makes his backhanded deals and lies. he has had the one girl he sent to me with blue eyes blond hair she loves horses and she wanted me to join a mustang mafia and work on a farm with her. i believe her plan was to take me into the middle of nowhere and have me harmed or something like that. or to join the luciferian church in texas. texas, lousiana, nevada, arizona, california are the main areas they reside. i am sure there are many people who want to be freed from this evil. no child deserves these things and every child deserves an amazing childhood, and to know they are safe. my childhood was the most scariest time of my whole life. i wish i was as strong as i was now back then. i do not fear this man anymore because jesus is right by my side. he may be far away but he is right in my heart and he protects me. please someone do something, do something to protect the earth and most importantly the children. thank you for reading

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