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Thursday, June 8, 2017

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Alien Encounter in Las Vegas, Nevada on 2017-06-04 18:35:00 - Tall thin blonde humanlike, man and woman, encounter in casino, las vegas 6/4/17

we had an alien encounter: where: palazzo hotel, las vegas nv appearance: him: tall, (6.5 - 7"), blonde, thin, dressed very gq suit, perhaps charcoal. he was always looking down. i tried hard to look at him but could not focus in for some reason (as if hearing, don't be rude, don't stare). hair was to the collar, seemed to be one length as opposed to a shaved cut. her: tall, a few inches shorter than him, and she was wearing heals. thin, with long very red hair, obviously a dyed (non-natural) red or a wig. very straight, all the way down her back. she also had bangs. i wanted to (and did) see her eyes. they were blueish, and the pigmentation was unique. she wore a long black jacket over (what i believe to be) dark blue dress. i do not remember seeing a handbag. the interaction: after watching the first half of the nba finals in our room, my sister and i decided to go downstairs to watch the second half of the game at the grand lux cafe bar, which is in the back end of the casino and it was a pretty quiet, with very few people around. we both noticed a striking tall couple about 15 feet away to our left, walking towards us. we stopped, planning on letting the two walk in front of us so we could get a good look because something just did not seem right about them. but that is not what happened. unknowingly i must have taken a few steps forward as if to step in front of them, which was not my intent at all. (they were not even within my peripheral vision.) i felt a very odd energy brush by me and i realized it was them. i felt panic for my sis as i knew she was behind me and they must have surely have bumped right into her. i whipped around to see her in a freeze-tag-like pose. (the couple were still not within peripheral sight.) she was very startled and shaken and says out loud "how did i not run into them?". (she too had also taken unintentional steps forward.) the tall duo were still walking the same direction and were about 7 - 8 feet on the other side of us heading towards the palazzo theater. they paused, the female looked around but did not acknowledge us. at this time, i admitted to myself that they could not possibly be human and watched them walk away (or more like glide, their stride was not "normal".) i had the thought that they seemed to be communicating to each other. odd aftermath: all we could say about the ordeal was "wasn't that weird!" it was as if we couldn't assimilate what had just happened. we went into the grand lux bar and ordered some beers (our first drink of the day) and did not speak of it at all. my husband joined us for a minute, and we didn't even mention it to him. after the game we walked to the casino across the street (the wynn) and while watching the outdoor water fountain show, we finally started talking about what had happened. my sister said aloud what i had been thinking all along ... "we just saw aliens". we compared our stories and they matched up, it really did happen. is it possible there were other reported sitings of this couple in las vegas? since casino's have camera surveillance, perhaps mufon has connections to obtain video tape of us "bumping into" them? (i know our exact location, date and approximate time within 10 minutes.)

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Credit: MUFON

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