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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Topanga, California on 2000-07-01 00:00:00 - Me and my father were abducted in san fran on vacation in 2000. one alien which i found out through pictured was a annunaki....He told me he was god

As my father gets older he is now 67, i feel i have to tell our story. in 2000 my father came to my apartment to tell me he had gotten us tickets for a trip to visit alcatraz in san francisco. the night before we leave over our house in baltimore my father sees what looks like a ufo hovering over his house. everytime we try to take a picture the camera locks up and the object moves back. we were obviously being tracked cause this object was about to follow us to san fran. we are in san fran we went to a giants game. on the way home my father notices a ufo high to the left of the car on pacific coast hwy. a minute later it comes down to our right down a small embankment. it's huge the size of a football field with multi-color lights. my father pulls over. immediately something is making us fall asleep. my father is unconscious within 1 minute. i'm fighting, this is now life and death in my eye. these giant plates drop on each is 3 very small figures, they are so small they don't have knee caps. 3 plates drop and then these things are hauling towards our car. they were so little. about 15 foot before they reach car i pass out. something assuming a chemical knocked us out. i wake up in what kinda resembles a ufc octagon with no fence. there is a sign in middle shaped like a stop sign but written in a different language. there i notice to the right a grey alien observing me, i just woke up. i think i gotta kill this thing, and it's very scary. up there you can't call the police. they are smarter they control you. so everytime i think violence it stops. then nice thoughts it gets closer. i quickly disguise my thinking i decide i can't afford to break my hand, at this time i was in pro wrestling school. i decide when it gets close i will jump over his head since i'm up higher in air and attempt to slam his head against ground. it works i also badly injure my shoulder, still bothers me to this day. as i smash it's head i notice electric wires attached coming out of its neck. next thing i know i'm in a room with these ugly bug like people. i'm so afraid i attempt suicide by trying to give myself a heart attack. it doesn't work, they force me into a dental like chair, very similar. this is where story gets insane. i wake up and this creature with almost stretchy arms who talks in a evil voice he us very mad. this is 1st point during abduction i see my father. he tells me and him to face each other and "show some respect, god is coming out" i said your god? he says " my god, your god, everyone's god". so next thing i know it sounds like we have headphones in our ears. a annunaki with a solid gold santa claus style hat with a solid gold robe and a solid gold staff is in front of us. the room somehow changes. at 1st we can't make out what he says it's too static. eventually we hear him very clear. he takes my father and they talk for about 10 minutes. he needs hypnosis. then the annunaki comes to me. i said "are you really god?" he says "yes are you disappointed? i say "no". he then says follow me. he shows me a weird projection tv which for safety reasons i can't describe on here. he shows me a video of hitler being killed. he was gagged and threw off a ship my military people into the ocean. i would need hypnosis to see what country uniform it was that killed him. then i see the amazing footage it starts with a camera stationary in a bush high up on a hill overlooking water. i hear what sounds like roller coaster screams. the video quality and sound makes it almost more amazing then the event filmed. these poor people in dirty torn clothes come into screen there running about 50 yards behind them are soldiers with shields and spears chasing them. the water opens up....They run thru it. moment later soldiers attempt to pass thru, this tidal wave hits them so hard from the right side, you just know there dead. the camera does not show the good people reach the other side part of water where they passed did not collapse, so they live. this i believe is a bible story...If it is..Then it's a true story. this is all i can reveal publicly, not much more to tell. this happened 17 years ago. i live as a average joe. i been to space abducted by a annunaki that day in san francisco will live with me forever. i feel like a coward for taking so long to tell. my motivation was seeing travis walton video where he failed his polygraph. aliens do not abduct you for 5 days. and they have clean advanced interiors not dirty like the movie. i knew this for 17 years, i had the biggest abduction in ufo history. i have a tattoo making fun of aliens, i never believed. i'm still not a ufo fan. i consider myself a shark fanatic, love fishing for them. i found jesus in my life lately, and i feel what i went thru was an amazing blessing. few people who know me...I have told in this society alien sightings are for looney. i have told my story finally, mufon has a great rep, i hope my story is told so others can learn, aliens exist.

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Credit: MUFON

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