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Sunday, June 11, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Lebanon, Oregon on 2014-10-14 03:35:00 - Huge chased by 2 military jets drastic course change jets were being followed by 2nd ufo call 4details.....

October 14, 2014(around3:30am)i had gone outside to smoke a cigarette. my infant daughter had woken up for her feeding so i was taking advantage of the opportunity. standing at the fence line, facing east, i catch what i thought was a pair of red and white airplane lights to the south of me. i quickly notice that it was not a pair, but 2 rows 10-15 lights, strobing rapidly. the ship had to be massive. it was at least 5-10 miles to the south of my location and i could make out the 2 separate rows of lights. long more than tall as far as i could tell regarding the craft. i observe this craft slowly headed east. now, way......Way off to the southeast, 2, single bright head lights of airplanes are slowly coming up from very separate areas of the horizon. as soon as i see the to aircraft in the horizon, the craft makes an immediate 90 degree turn, no sweepping arch of type typical aircraft. it went from going east to going north in nanoseconds. i can see behind the craft that the to airplanes had just crossed over each others flight path. i quickly realized the absolute significance of what i am witnessing. a massive ufo is active in my sector. as the 2 military jets crossed their paths, the craft starts to accelerate. now headed north, the craft slowly accelerated. the 2 fighter jets are now treating as hearts as they can to try and catch this craft. well about a mile behind these 2 fighter jets, is a small white ball following the jets. as ask of this is moving past, now to the northeast, i notice another airplane headlight. i watched as long as i could, running out to the street. the event went out of sight, headed north, the followers being followed.......

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Credit: MUFON

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