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Wednesday, June 28, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Carpinteria, California on 2017-06-27 21:04:00 - Every so often another would shoot from same area. change directions then go dark. could sometime soon see tiny blue light where's it was. alain a few shootings stars and boomerangs shaped ufo flying a differently direction

I have my patio sliding door open while i was sitting on my couch and a bright light caught my eye causing me to instinctively turn my head. it looked too bright and the color immediately had me concerned that either it was something on fire or something being shot toward us. i go outside to see absolutely no trail or fall out. i could see the usual planes flying in other areas of the sky which had the regular flashing blue red lights, but they were a lot smaller than this bright light. it was coming from out in the ocean area and would disappear behind some trees that obstructed my view but it was pretty high in the sky flying what looked like toward santa barbara. suddenly the lights turned off. no smoke trail or anything falling. i texted my friend to see if they saw anything in that general direction. as i'm searching for any sign of the ufo i see another light speeding from the same area toward the same direction. changed direction suddenly a few times then eventually suddenly turn off its lights. i called my father over to witness this as well and we continued to see them come from the same area and burn out around the same spot before getting too close to santa barbara. my dad called his friend who told me to report it here and my dad decided to try going on the roof to see if we could get a better view since it wasn't showing up well on video. for the first time two were seen bright at the same time, one and then another shortly after in the same flight pattern. while my dad was on the roof i saw what looked like stars cross over some other stars and my eyes fixated above him to see a boomerang shape with three circular lights (what looked like maybe a drone) greenish yellow lights fly way lower than the ufo and planes. i was able to direct my dad to catch the end of it, but he lost sight of it and couldn't locate it after it went out of my field of view. i went on the roof after him and saw several more from the same area. after sometime we decide to go inside since i was being eaten up by mosquiots. i also saw a shooting star after the first and third ball of light

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Credit: MUFON

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