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Friday, June 9, 2017

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Black Triangle Sighting in Evansville, Indiana on 2014-08-31 00:00:00 - Triangle

It was some time past midnight and i stepped outside to smoke a cigarette. i normally smoke inside but it was cool outside and humidity was very low, being a clear night i decided to go out. i sat down facing north in a small screend in porch. i noticed a ref light pulsating in the distance. it was thru some open tree branches but slightly to the left of them in clear view. it looked similar to some lights i had seen before sitting on my moms front porch in henderson ky. which is across the ohio river from where i live and was located. there i was also facing north. because i never got a very good look at what i had seen in henderson i decided to step out of the small porch to see if i could get a better look. at first i thought maybe an airplane because of the light some what blinking. but unlike an airplane light which blinks one color then another this was just a ref light i could see and it never went off. it just got bright then dim. it moved very slow almost directly towards me. i kept waiting to hear a sound so i could see if it was an airplane or a helicopter. but as it started to get closer it started to slightly turn. as if it was making a very wide turn heading west. but once it was almost out of view it corrected itself and started heading south again. for a moment i could not see it and waited maybe two mins. i then stood on the stairs of the porch going to the yard and turned toward my house holding on to the railing and leaning back to see if i could look over the roof of the porch that's when i seen it floating slowly over head. it was a triangle with rounded ends and it had three white lights that were round but seemed bigger then they were because they too were pulsating. the red ligjt was slightly towards the back from the middle. not dead center. it was so odd how quiet it was. it also moved slower then a glider. it seemed to be less then a hundred feet above my house. but being night tilme and not knowing for sure how big the object was its hard to say how close it was. i'm someone who's always believed in the possibility of extraterrestrial life but have always said most ufos look fake or they are just mistaken. i expected to see a military craft o some kind. it's not unusual to see or hear them above where i live. there's an air force base few hours away by car. i know they do touch and gos around here. so when i seen the object above my house and realized there was no sound at all and the shape and lights i just felt caught off guard. so to believers and non believers alike triangles that fly slower then planes need to get lift with lights unlike any i've ever seen on airplanes commercial or military exsict.

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Credit: MUFON

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