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Friday, June 9, 2017

New 2015 UFO Sighting

UFO Sighting in Redmond, Washington on 2017-06-01 02:30:00 - Red orb alternating bright red to bright orange / yellow about 50 foot above tree line on hillside, orb about 50-100' diameter.

Driving on highway at approximately 2:30 am 6/1/17 light rain, cloudy sky, occasional lightning and no moon visible - spherical object seen above tree line on hill parallel to highway, initially thought it could be a hot air balloon forced down because of the weather, i instantly discarded this idea due to no basket below sphere, no gas flame below sphere, no tether lines, not the correct shape - this was perfect spherical shape, etc. - not a hot air balloon. estimated 50-100 feet in diameter moving back and forth in a sweeping motion. fairly bright red to orange color about the color of a metal when red hot. surface of sphere without sheen or reflection. edge of sphere going from distinct edge to somewhat blurred edge. color varying from intense red hot color to duller red hot color then to intense orange / yellow and then back to intense red hot color. sphere seemed to be going back and forth in a slow search like pattern over the tops on the trees and then dipping just below tree tops. i was still driving slowly and lost the view of the object due to trees obscuring view. the object seemed so out of place with the environment in this dark area with few if any lights (my head lights were the only lights on the road at that hour). the only other light was a small red aircraft warning light visible on top of a communication tower about a half mile to the north of the object. i was not very interested in getting any closer nor stopping my car to observe the object in greater detail. in retrospect, i could have easily stopped and taken a picture with my cell phone but was thinking more about being the only human in close proximity and not knowing what the agenda was for what ever it was. other than the time of night and the fairly remote location it seemed like being seen by the general public still up that late at night was not of concern to the orb. i have seen a lot of things, but nothing like that before except that i could recognize that it was under some type of intelligent control by how it moved, maybe our military ? my guess would be that it is not made in usa - but then, who in the general public really knows ?

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Credit: MUFON

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