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Monday, June 26, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Phoenixville, Pennsylvania on 2017-06-25 23:30:00 - Observed starlike object moving across night sky blinking once per second, then saw second one coming from same area of sky

I was taking trash to curb sunday night and looked at stars, saw big dipper and many stars in sky. across sky to right of dipper noticed a small round white star like object moving in straight line (came from behind my house) higher than air traffic, and blinking on/off once per second. it was moving overhead east to west as fast as a military jet. could say it was at least 36,000 feet like the jets fly. watched it a few seconds. ran to get binoculars (20 seconds?), but when returned saw it further out towards west and could not adjust binocs quickly enough to catch. then saw second star like object moving from same area along nearly same path, but it disappeared within five or six seconds before it reached directly overhead, or it stopped blinking. it was fainter than the first one. got binocs adjusted to be able to see stars clearly. then looked to path of first in the west and did not see object, but saw what appeared to be a bright white blotch (like a bright white ball with irregular shape on the trailing side) the whole thing about as big as a dime held out, falling-- from my perspective it appeared to drop far behind trees/house across street but i believe it did not actually hit the ground. like watching a shooting star - they don't hit the ground. i was surprised how close it appeared - it seemed closer to me than the last point where i saw the blinking thing in the west. i even thought for a few seconds that it had been a firework type rocket shot up from behind the nearby stand of trees. but now i don't think that. a few seconds later, i saw a triangle shaped craft with white lights blinking on/off on three points --i saw three lights blinking in triangle shape through the binocs -- and a golden light also on it near the rear of it, along with a second craft with white blinking lights and a red light, but could not determine if it was triangle like the other, flying really fast nearly side by side, then very close and it looked like the second craft flew somewhere under the triangle and very close, both going in the same westward direction as the first blinking object. these two craft moved across the sky faster than the white objects had moved and were seemingly chasing after the one that had gone furthest west. i think they were much lower in altitude. i don't know if all was related but it all took place within two to three minutes' time. i did not hear any sound before seeing the silent white "blotch" (so not a fourth of july rocket set off) and did not hear jet noise when two "chase planes" went overhead. the low hum of an air conditioner in the neighborhood could have masked that, but a small helicopter went by immediately after, moving west to east at a low altitude, and i heard it's noise. i have not seen these blinking white objects in the sky before tonight. do you think the triangle or the other craft shot the second object out of the sky?? thinking about it now, the ufo that "disappeared" could have been moving in that area, to follow the first one, and could have been shot down creating the "white blotch". the one triangle was flying level so i saw the lights at the three tips, but the second one was blinking lights as furiously as the other, but seemed to be on an angle, so i could not see three lights if it was a triangle shape. i guess the two westbound craft were around passenger jet altitude when on approach to phila. airport 25 miles out. the triangle and other craft flew off to the west. amazing. that is what i saw.

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Credit: MUFON

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