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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Lake Forest, California on 2017-06-25 23:15:00 - Two pulsating lights moving together (one above the other) with no sound and very close!

On 6/25/17- on a warm evening at 11:00 pm i decided to sit outside my apartment on the upstairs patio. soon, above me in the black cloudless sky, and very close, came two lights that had no sound and slowly moved as if they were connected to a structure between them. no structure was seen between the two lights which were approx. 1 ft. in diameter each. the two dark turquoise lights were one above the other and approx. 40 ft. apart. i repeat, the floating/flying craft had no sound and very close, approx. 700 feet away. the lights were pulsating dark turquoise and also small red ones appeared right next to them as the floating craft moved away. the pulsating lights were very rapid, uneven and unearthly! the object floated to the south and then descended behind a hill where there is a main street intersection (el toro road and normandale dr.), with homes all around. what struck me was the silence and the pulsating, unearthly colors of the lights that were one above the other. the duration of the entire sighting was approx. 5 min. the next late afternoon, i went on an errand and on normandale dr., i noticed that a large street light pole was being replaced with another new one right next to it, installed by local authorities or cal trans. the location of it is very close to where i saw the craft/lights descend on that sunday night. could the flying craft affect the light pole? i have a picture of the two light poles (installed very close together) shot that afternoon. what is also odd, is that the old one has a long metal tube on the top of it, approx. 6 ft. long. end

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Credit: MUFON

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