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Tuesday, June 6, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Buffalo, Texas on 2017-06-06 21:34:00 - Same lights as couple weeks ago follow airplane

seen ufo following flight ual1592 checked flight radar when i seen the same flashes of light couple weeks ago going north from south only started flashing directly infront of me directly in a eastly direction, the air plane was at 33,000 feet this object was above and behind the plane, following the plane, it only started flashing like the last report i gave you guys right in the upper eastern sky, never seen a flash until then so i defiantly this was know plane because it was 2 things i could see from the ground the air plane and something following approx. 2 miles behind it as if it was only observing the plane, now i do now know of any satellites that have strobe lights on it like this and try to pretend to be planes or look like a bright flashing airplane with bright white light, and the way it strobes is unusual as well as for the fact its not on flight radar along with the other plane, also have seen the same lights going same direction recently again within past week and the report i sent to you 2weeks or so ago this was great being able to have a plane and a ufo in the same area one following the other and being able to see hey there is only supposed to be 1 object on my radar what the heck, amazing absolutely amazing, and the light is beautiful in itself the way it flashes and tries to be cute and pretend its a plane haha

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Credit: MUFON

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