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Sunday, July 2, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Shelby, North Carolina on 2017-07-02 21:15:00 - Glowing fireball not on fire but seemingly made of fire traveling low and slow, hovering in circular motions. then it slowly began ascending moving side to side up and down as it went. within 30 sec it was no longer visible and miles away above the clouds

June 2 2017@2115hrs... i was sitting on my back porch swing with my four-year-old son when suddenly my son started hollering daddy daddy look look daddy look as he was pointing into the sky. i almost didn't look because honestly i thought he was just excited about the moon. but of course i looked like i always do when my son tells me to look and what i saw blew my mind. now, i have never been a skeptic but i have always been skeptical in the presence of a lack of proof or evidence. i truly believe that there is life beyond our planet i just have never seen any proof but i still believe it. and i never put any stock into any ufo claims i've ever heard except the ones that mufon have investigated that i have watched on tv or online. my whole life i really always hope i would get to see something but had a lot of doubt that that would ever happen so i never wasted any time searching the skies. but what i saw tonight has beyond any doubt it has erased all doubt or skepticism in my mind that there is something someone else beyond us beyond our world with technology that we can't even fathom. that said, i was completely lucid and sober, not sleep deprived and not under the influence of any type of intoxicants... my first thought was that it was some type of flair or even firework,(nothing like any firework i've ever seen), but those notions were instantly disregarded as i watched it slowly approach my next door neighbor's house which is only 20' away, then it hovered approx 50-100feet and as it hovered it was kinda swirling around. it did that for about 10 seconds then slowly started away in a northerly direction slowly ascending as it went. it's flight pattern was odd because as it flew away it drifted side to side, up and down, but never actually changing course. i can not estimate it's speed but even tho it seemed to go slowly, once it gained altitude it's ascent became much quicker or at least it seemed that way. once it was above the clouds i never saw it again. but it stayed within view for at least 20 miles minimum.. (i'm not the best with judging aerial distance). the object itself looked like a spherical ball of fire, very bright with a bright reddish orange glow surrounding it like an ora. it did not seem as though it was on fire so much as it seemed to actually be made of fire. as soon as i saw it i knew immediately it was a ufo. this is worth investigating i swear. i even took pictures of it before it got too far away. i couldn't get my video to work fast enough or i would have the most undeniably conclusive evidence proof that we are not alone!!! my feelings when i saw it were pure excitement and exhilaration.

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Credit: MUFON

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