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Thursday, July 27, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Buffalo, Texas on 2017-07-23 21:55:00 - Redish orange sphere or craft moving north

Ok so i haven't seen this type of redish orange light in over 20 years, last time i seen this type of light i was living 200miles away in another county all together....... (confirmation tools, airplane finder and satellite tracker on s smart phone) so sitting outside on the night of the 23rd at approximately 955pm cst noticed something to my east, was very hard to see just like the first time i seen this 20 years ago, you almost cant see it unless your sitting down which is weird, also the way it would light up like it was rotating very slowly but moving fast to the north, each time it would rotate i would see the redish orange color, which is what caught my attention to begin with even tho its very difficult to see this specific object you need excellent vision! first time i seen this object 20 years ago it was hovering over a neighbors house to the north about 1500ft away from of were i used to live, my mother and father both called me outside to come look at this, i couldn't see it standing up, i had to sit down/ take a knee inorder to see this, when i sat down i seen this slowly rotating pbject with the same redish orange light i described above, so my mother told me to call my neighbor at 11:30 pm at night, when she answered the phone she said is this a joke!!, no i replied i told her my mother said to call you would you like to speak with her, she said yes, they spoke and then my neighbor sent her man to go check on her parents which lived to the north of them and them cause they were alarmed about this, so they went to check on their parents, while we watched this light we could see our neighbor on his 4wheeler going to check on their parents and about 20mins later the light stopped didn't see it anymore, next day woke up seen them hauling my neighbors dad away in a ambulance he died from a apparent heart attack.......... i tried asking my neighbor about that situation like 6months later and got called *crazy* lol so tonight for some odd reason i opened up your ufo map, noticed a report to the south of me and i me directly to the south of me and literally same flight path this thing would have taken another person has also reported the same thing navasota texas which matches flight paths with this object, also i made sure to check satellite tracker and flight radar no airplanes or satellites were present in the area this object was located, not sure wtf the person down in navasota seen but this was a redish orange light and matches the sphere/orb description...... seeing that light for the first time in over 20 years my hair stood up..... i told this story to 1 of my buddies he named it the angel of death due to its color and the story above about my neighbor..... (separate statements about were i used to live) east texas sure is full of ufos flying around that's a fact, so far since iv lived here, but something i noticed i see reports from buffalo texas but no one is reporting this stuff that's been happening for the past 30+ years in harwood texas 78632 zip were i used to live..... heck im surprised because in harwood texas on old highway 90 between luling tx and harwood tx there is a ufo that has a tendency to always come back to the same spot every year at this location that was my first ufo encounter llke when i was 5 im almost 35 now, when i seen that ufo at those coordinates my dad was driving home i was in the passenger seat, noticed a bright light from over a mile away, we wound up driving right up underneath it, could see 8 lights in a circle and 1 redish light in the center but could see straight threw the craft, you could only see its hovering/anti gravity system on was about 250ft off the ground, right next to these large power lines that service the whole area, those coordinates used to be my cousins property long time ago, i asked him about cattle mutilations his response was a angry i dont want to talk about it!!!! multiple witnesses, seen the same object multiple time since then at the same location, haven't seen it since i moved......Someone needs to setup a camera at that location no joke... so yea seeing the redish orange glow from this object brought back some memories that's for sure! if i keep seeing this stuff i am going wind up mounting cameras on my trailer house just to get videos, bit expensive to setup but heyyyyy i am not the one flying around in something that defies our laws of physics, so yea i really wanting to get some cameras setup just specifically for night sky observation and video evidence.

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Credit: MUFON

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